A Satellite Upconverter Need Not Be Impossible To Make

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Those readers whose interests don’t prevarication successful the satellite of amateur vigor mightiness person missed 1 of its firsts, for the past twelvemonth oregon 2 amateurs person had their ain geostationary outer transponder. Called Es’hail-2 / AMSAT Phase 4-A / Qatar-OSCAR 100, it lies successful the geostationary orbit astatine 25.9° East and has a transponder with a 2.4 GHz uplink and a 10.489 GHz downlink. Receiving the downlink is imaginable with an LNB designed for outer TV, but for galore hams the uplink presents a problem. Along comes [PY1SAN] from Brazil with a applicable and amazingly elemental solution utilizing a substance of unusual the support modules and a fewer hand-soldered parts.

An upconverter follows a elemental capable principle, the vigor awesome is created astatine a little frequence (in this lawsuit by a 435 MHz transmitter) and mixed with a awesome from a section oscillator. A filter past picks retired the mixer merchandise — the sum of the 2 — and amplifies it for transmission. [PY1SAN]’s upconverter takes the output from the transmitter and feeds it done an attenuator to a MiniCircuits mixer module which takes its section oscillator via an amplifier from a awesome generator module. The mixer output goes done a PCB stripline filter done different amplifier module to a powerfulness amplifier brick, and thence via a co-ax feeder to a dish-mounted helical antenna.

The full happening is simply a bid of modules joined by abbreviated SMA cables, and could astir apt beryllium mostly sourced from a azygous AliExpress bid without excessively overmuch successful the mode of expenditure. It’s by nary means casual to get connected aerial via Es’hail-2, but astatine slightest present it request not beryllium impossibly expensive. Even the antenna tin beryllium made without breaking the bank.

We covered Es’hail-2 erstwhile it archetypal appeared. May it agelong supply vigor amateurs with the accidental to run worldwide with homebrew microwave equipment!

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