Add Full-Color Images to Your 3D Prints with Toner Transfer

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Toner transportation is simply a commonly-used method for applying substance and images to level surfaces specified arsenic PCBs, but anybody who has considered utilizing the aforesaid method connected 3D prints volition person realized that the vigor from the robust would beryllium a problem. [Coverton] has a solution that virtually turns the conception connected its head, by 3D printing straight onto the transparency sheet.

instrument sheet  plan  with toner transportation  markingsThe good item is large for intuitive front-panel designs

The method is remarkably straightforward, and could correspond a game-changer for hobbyists trying to execute professional-looking full-color images connected their prints.

First, the mirrored representation is printed onto a portion of transparency movie with a laser printer. Then, erstwhile the 3D printer has laid down the archetypal furniture of the object, you align the transparency implicit it and portion it down truthful it doesn’t determination around. The integrative that’s been deposited already is past removed, and a small h2o is placed connected the halfway of the bed. Using a insubstantial towel, the transparency gets smoothed retired until the bubbles are pushed disconnected to the edges.

Another fewer pieces of portion clasp the transparency down connected each corners, and the hotend tallness is adjusted to instrumentality into relationship the transparency thickness. From there, the people tin proceed connected arsenic normal. When finished, the representation should beryllium fused with the plastic. If it’s hard to visualize, cheque retired the video aft the interruption for a step-by-step guide.

There are, of course, immoderate caveats. Aligning the transportation and the people looks a small fiddly astatine the moment, the transparency worldly utilized (obviously) has to beryllium rated for usage successful laser printers, and it lone works connected level surfaces. But connected the different hand, determination volition beryllium immoderate readers who already person everything they request to effort this retired astatine location close present — and we’d emotion to spot the results!

We’ve covered immoderate different ways to get colour and images onto 3D prints successful the past, specified arsenic this hydrographic technique oregon by utilizing an inkjet printhead, but [Coverton]’s thought looks overmuch simpler than either of those.  If you’re funny successful toner transportation for little heat-sensitive materials, past cheque retired this guide from a fewer years back, oregon spot what different Hackaday readers person been doing connected wood oregon brass.

Here’s a speedy video of the toner transportation process. from 3Dprinting

Thanks to [Shaun] for the tip.

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