After hackers blackmailed their clients, Finnish therapy firm declares bankruptcy

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  • Highly delicate notes from therapy sessions were published online successful an effort to blackmail patients
  • Hackers bragged astir the mediocre authorities of firm’s security

Vastaamo, the Finnish psychotherapy signifier that covered up a horrific information breach which resulted successful patients receiving blackmail threats, has declared itself bankrupt.

Vastaamo’s problems archetypal began successful 2018, erstwhile it discovered that a database of lawsuit details and – astir shockingly – notes from therapy sessions had been accessed by hackers.

You would similar to deliberation that information would past beryllium tightened up, but successful March 2019, Vastaamo CEO Ville Tapio knew that hackers had successful the months since continued to entree the concatenation of backstage psychotherapy clinics’ systems.

Astonishingly, Tapio did not stock that captious accusation with the due authorities oregon with different members of Vastaamo’s committee – possibly due to the fact that helium had been liable for mounting up the database’s information himself.

It was lone successful October 2020 that the information yet came out, and the criminals published batches of the delicate records connected the acheronian web. The hackers initially demanded a ransom outgo from Vastaamo of astir 450,000 euros, earlier inviting patients to wage astir 500 euros if they wanted their information taken down.

An estimated 40,000 patients were affected by the breach.

In online posts, the hackers bragged astir the mediocre authorities of Vastaamo’s security.

Tapio was subsequently fired, and replaced arsenic the company’s CEO.

The damage, however, was excessively overmuch for Vastaamo, which has clinics crossed Finland, to take.

The harm caused by the transgression hackers and the consequent harm done to Vastaamo marque was simply excessively great, and the institution announced this week that it had been placed successful liquidation.

The institution has travel to an data collected by information researcher Adrian Sanabria, Vastaamo is 1 of little than 2 twelve companies to person been ruined by a information breach, and “is the largest truthful far, astatine 400 employees.”

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