Air France pilots blockchain-based COVID-19 travel system

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Air France is acceptable to proceedings a blockchain-based strategy for verifying COVID-19 trial results for its passengers.

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Air France pilots blockchain-based COVID-19 question   system

With question and tourism being 1 of the hardest-hit industries by the coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdowns, respective stakeholders are progressively prioritizing integer and contactless solutions.

In this vein, Air France has partnered with MedAire, SGS, International SOS, and the International Chamber of Commerce to trial a blockchain-based COVID-19 question system.

Beginning from March 11, Air France volition statesman the aviator trial of the ICC AOKpass strategy developed by MedAire and the International SOS. The ICC AOKpass is an app that travelers tin instal connected their smartphones that contains a unafraid grounds of their COVID-19 trial results from approved labs.

With the app, travelers request not contiguous a insubstantial trial effect arsenic the ICC AOKpass volition service arsenic a unafraid signifier of verification of the user’s COVID-19 antagonistic status.

According to an announcement connected Tuesday, the trial volition tally for 4 weeks and volition screen lone the Paris CDG-Pointe-à-Pitre and Paris CDG-Fort-de-France route.

The property connection besides revealed that the usage of the app volition beryllium voluntary for passengers flying the route. Air France says it volition stock details from the trial with each different collaborators successful the task to assistance successful further travel-related wellness digitization efforts.

Commenting connected the request for integer innovation successful the question assemblage amid the coronavirus pandemic, Catherine Villar, manager of lawsuit acquisition astatine Air France stated:

“The trial of the AOKpass solution is afloat successful enactment with this model and the process initiated by the constitution of the Air France Protect label. We are convinced that the changes we are going done collectively volition alteration the travel successful the agelong word and are committed to supporting each innovation projects that tin assistance america conscionable these caller challenges.”

The AOKpass solution is not the archetypal blockchain-based strategy adopted by Air France. Indeed, the world’s fifth-largest hose has a past of exploring the caller tech successful respective aspects of its operations.

According to a report by Statista, airlines person mislaid an estimated $314 cardinal to the coronavirus pandemic with aerial question down implicit 60% according to the United Nations quality agency. To adhere to societal distancing protocols, stakeholders are progressively prioritizing contactless protocols which necessitate integer basal layers similar blockchain.

As antecedently reported by Cointelegraph, Jeju Island successful South Korea — a large tourer hotspot — is utilizing a decentralized ledger technology-based COVID-19 tracing app. Back successful January, reports emerged that the Frankfurt Airport had deployed an Iota-based solution to way COVID-19 trial results of travelers.

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