Altcoin Roundup: 3 ways blockchain technology could further mainstream in 2022

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2021 was a breakout twelvemonth for the cryptocurrency assemblage and this twelvemonth is expected to spot an hold of the “mass adoption” trend.

Public consciousness of blockchain exertion is connected the emergence and a caller cohort of projects designed to capable much niche roles successful nine are apt to look successful the coming months.

Three sectors that person the imaginable to spot important maturation successful 2022 are quality resources (HR), worker outgo solutions and platforms that service the gig system by offering firm blockchain solutions.

HR mightiness pivot toward blockchain

Human assets absorption is ripe for blockchain integration owed to the information and information retention solutions offered. Blockchain would let each worker to person a unsocial code wherever each pertinent accusation could beryllium cryptographically stored.

HR besides deals with the recruiting and hiring of caller employees, an progressively hard task successful today’s satellite wherever the labour unit information complaint stands astatine 61.9%, its lowest level since 1976.

For blockchain-related jobs, the task becomes adjacent much challenging owed to the constricted fig of radical with the cognition and capabilities to enactment successful the nascent sector.

Keep3rV1 is 1 protocol that focuses connected connecting employers with workers, and the decentralized occupation committee is specifically designed to link blockchain projects with outer developers that supply specialized services.

KP3R/USDT. 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

While Keep3rV1 focuses specifically connected blockchain developer jobs, if the exemplary proves to beryllium a success, the conception could easy beryllium expanded to service a wider assemblage of occupation seekers and employers.

Payroll besides falls nether the HR class and projects similar Request (REQ) enactment a decentralized payments strategy wherever anyone tin petition a outgo and person wealth done unafraid means.

This is an perfect setup for freelancers. Experimental platforms similar Sablier Finance besides connection workers the enactment to beryllium paid for their labour successful real-time alternatively than hold for the extremity of a payroll play to person their paycheck successful a lump sum.

The gig economy

Ride-sharing services similar Uber and Lyft and creator/freelance marketplaces similar Fiverr were the bedrock of the gig economy. 2021 estimates amusement that 36% of the United States workforce participated successful the gig system either arsenic their superior oregon secondary root of income. Data besides shows that 55% of gig workers were besides moving a abstracted superior job.

Current projections indicate that by 2023, up to 52% of the U.S. workforce volition beryllium actively moving successful the gig system oregon volition person done truthful astatine immoderate constituent successful their career, truthful it’s a increasing tract that could payment from the integration of blockchain technology.

One task that has already established its ain freelancer occupation committee is (TIME), a blockchain-based recruitment, HR and outgo processing protocol whose LaborX level is akin to websites similar Fiverr but conducts each transactions utilizing blockchain exertion and astute contracts.

TIME/USD 1-day chart. Source: CoinGecko

In summation to the, LaborX and PaymentX protocols, the ecosystem has besides precocious added decentralized concern (DeFi) functionality by allowing TIME holders to involvement their tokens connected the protocol to gain a yield.

Freelancers tin involvement TIME connected the web to person bonuses for completed tasks portion customers tin involvement to gain peculiar rebates arsenic a reward for holding the token.

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Corporations clasp blockchain solutions

Enterprise-level blockchain-based solutions are besides expected to thrive successful 2022.

Many of the apical contenders that connection endeavor solutions are layer-one blockchain protocols similar Ethereum and its Hyperledger model oregon Bitcoin’s layer-two lightning web scaling solution that was precocious integrated with the Cash App.

Other beardown contenders successful the tract of endeavor solutions see Fantom and the Polygon web due to the fact that they person little transaction fees and faster processing capabilities.

FTM/USDT vs. MATIC/USDT 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

A last protocol that specifically focuses connected creating an enterprise-grade nationalist web that allows individuals and businesses to make decentralized applications (DApps) is Hedera (HBAR).

According to Hedera’s website, the task is owned and governed by immoderate of the world’s starring organizations including IBM, Boeing, Google, LG and Standard Bank.

The precocious throughput quality of Hedera’s hashgraph architecture makes it perfect for ample businesses that would necessitate a important magnitude of transactions to service their planetary lawsuit base.

These usage cases see outgo processing, fraud mitigation, the quality to tokenize assets, verifying identity, the unafraid retention and transportation of information and the quality to make a private, permissioned blockchain for in-house use.

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