An Affordable And Programmable PLC

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We’re each utilized to wide intent microcontroller boards specified arsenic the Arduino oregon its galore imitators, but possibly we don’t spot arsenic overmuch of their concern cousins. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is simply a machine designed to automate concern machinery, and comes with protected interfaces and usually a circumstantial PLC programming environment. Thus [Galopago]’s enactment with an inexpensive Chinese PLC clone is particularly interesting, providing a way guardant to utilizing it wrong the Arduino IDE ecosystem.

Opening it up, the processor is identified arsenic an STM32F103, and the transportation needed to spot it successful bootloader mode is identified. Then it tin beryllium programmed from the Arduino IDE, adjacent though its bootloader can’t beryllium changed. Then to implicit the process it’s indispensable to place the assorted antithetic inputs and outputs by old-fashioned hardware reverse engineering.

This PLC whitethorn not beryllium rather arsenic robust arsenic immoderate products costing overmuch much money, but it inactive represents a cost-effective mode to entree a microcontroller committee with overmuch of the interface circuitry already installed that would usually beryllium required for controlling machinery. We expect that we’ll beryllium seeing it look connected these pages implicit the coming months, and possibly there mightiness adjacent beryllium different examination successful the air.

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