An Almost Invisible Desktop

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When you’re putting unneurotic a machine workstation, what would you accidental is the cleanest setup? Wireless rodent and keyboard? Super-discrete cablegram management? How astir nary disposable keeb, nary disposable mouse, and nary evident display?

That’s what [Basically Homeless] was going for. Utilizing a Flexispot E7 electronically raisable lasting desk, an ASUS laptop, and immoderate different off-the-shelf parts, this task is taking the thought of decluttering to the extreme, with nary disposable peripherals and nary disposable wires.

There was intelligibly a batch of learning and overmuch achy experimentation involved, and the feline benignant of glazed implicit however a keyboard was embedded successful the table surface. By forming a bladed furniture of resin in-plane with the table surface, and mounting the keyboard conscionable below, followed by tons of cautious fettling of the openings meant the keys could beryllium depressed. By not lasting arrogant of the surface, the keys were practically invisible erstwhile painted. After all, you request that tactile feedback, and a projection keeb conscionable isn’t right.

ChatGPT-inspired instrumentality learning rodent emulator

Moving on, ne'er caput an ultralight gaming mouse, however astir a zero-gram mouse? Well, this is simply a spot of a cheat, arsenic they mounted a depth-sensing camera wrong a airy fitting supra the desk, and built a ChatGPT-designed machine-learning exemplary to enactment arsenic a hand-tracking HID device. Nice idea, but we don’t spot the code.

The laptop chassis had its show removed and was embedded into the bottommost of the desk, on with the supporting powerfulness supplies, a mates of fans, and a projector. To make a ‘floating’ display, a portion of transparent integrative was treated to a coating of Lux labs “ClearBright” transparent show film, which allows the representation from the projector to beryllium scattered and observed with capable clarity to beryllium usable arsenic a PC display. We person to admit, it looks a spot gimmicky, but playing Minecraft connected this setup looks a full lotta fun.

Many of the floating displays we’ve covered thin to beryllium for clocks (after each timepieces are important) similar this sweet HUD hack.

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