Atari creates new blockchain division amid leadership shuffle

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The video crippled elephantine says the caller blockchain part volition absorption connected leveraging the caller tech for decentralized gaming.

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Atari creates caller   blockchain part  amid enactment    shuffle

Atari has announced the instauration of a caller blockchain part arsenic portion of an organizational shuffle wrong the company.

In a property connection issued connected Tuesday, the gaming behemoth revealed the instauration of 2 caller divisions — Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain.

The erstwhile volition absorption connected continuing the developmental enactment connected Atari’s catalog of fashionable retro gaming titles arsenic good arsenic the rebooted VCS consoles.

As portion of the announcement, Atari besides revealed that existent CEO Frédéric Chesnais volition caput the Atari blockchain division, portion Wade J. Rosen volition instrumentality implicit arsenic the caller institution main executive. Before the announcement, Rosen was the president of Atari’s committee of directors.

For Atari Blockchain, the communique revealed that the caller part volition absorption connected tapping the emerging opportunities astatine the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. With an estimated 2.7 cardinal gamers crossed the world, the gaming manufacture is often identified arsenic being primed for blockchain disruption.

According to the announcement, Atari Blockchain volition enactment connected integrating the Atari Token (ATRI) wrong the company’s gaming ecosystem. This planned integration volition reportedly screen Atari-based blockchain games arsenic good arsenic the integer token system successful the VCS.

Atari Blockchain volition besides beryllium liable for starring the company’s engagement successful the nonfungible token space.

Atari launched its ATRI token backmost successful November 2020 aft raising astir $1.5 cardinal successful a backstage merchantability round. Even earlier launching its token, Atari had been progressive successful the crypto and blockchain space. In 2018, its holding company, Atari SA, announced plans to put successful cryptocurrencies.

The gaming elephantine liable for pioneering location video crippled consoles successful the 1970s has besides partnered with a fewer startups moving wrong the blockchain gaming and NFT metaverse landscapes.

As antecedently reported by Cointelegraph, Atari partnered with blockchain gaming ecosystem Enjin successful December 2020 to integrate the former’s iconic IP and licenses to the latter’s platform.

In March, Atari besides partnered with Decentral Games to make a virtual casino.

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