Auditchain Announces Mainnet Deployment of its Staking Contracts for its Pacioli Validating Nodes

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PRESS RELEASE. Auditchain volition deploy its Pacioli validating node staking contracts to Polygon Mainnet connected 7 March, 2022 arsenic it prepares to decentralize the $600 Billion planetary accounting, assurance and reporting services industry.

Auditchain Labs AG, ( the developer of the world’s archetypal decentralized accounting, fiscal reporting, audit, and investigation virtual instrumentality for assurance and disclosure, contiguous announced that it volition deploy the Pacioli validating node staking contracts connected 7 March, 2022 astatine 16:00 UTC.

The staking contracts are designed to fulfill the staking requirements for Pacioli validating nodes upon deployment. Holders of AUDT, which see accountants, volition go validators and delegate AUDT to Pacioli node operators connected the Auditchain Protocol. The Auditchain Protocol volition officially motorboat astatine the Digital Accountancy Show Powered by Auditchain connected 8 June, 2022 astatine Tottenham Hotspur Stadium successful London.

Pacioli Logic Engine

Pacioli is the Web3 logic and reasoning motor connected the Auditchain Protocol that computes the output of the valid authorities of each economical entity based connected its fiscal reporting benignant wrong a fiscal reporting scheme. The Pacioli lawsuit is simply a captious constituent of the Auditchain Protocol which raises the integrity and reliability of the world’s concern and fiscal information.

The staking contracts let anyone holding AUDT to delegate AUDT and gain income by “backing” Pacioli node operators and participating successful the caller Web3 fiscal reporting and assurance economy. The Pacioli agent, a node.js exertion integrated with the Pacioli logic motor is designed to equip Pacioli node operators with the quality to contention to vie to fulfill validation work requests, and scope statement connected the validation of XBRL based fiscal reports connected the Auditchain Protocol and gain rewards.

Jason Meyers, Lead Architect stated; “The instauration of a decentralized XBRL based study exemplary validation marks a caller epoch successful the annals of fiscal reporting by incentivizing galore actors connected the web to travel to statement connected US GAAP and IFRS compliance by reporting entities. Meyers further stated; “The quality for investors to aggregate information and instantly find if an “as filed” fiscal connection is reliable is simply a captious signifier successful the rollout of the Auditchain Protocol”.

The Auditchain Protocol utilizes delegated staking for the pursuing captious roles:

  •  Analysis of “as filed” XBRL based fiscal reports.
  • Validation of XBRL based fiscal models and fiscal statements anterior to publishing and/or filing with regulators.
  • As audit tools for auditors progressive successful the audit of XBRL based fiscal statements nether the new CEAOB guidance.
  •  Validation of and “Proof of Assurance” on Process Control NFTs that automate accounting, reporting, audit and investigation processes.

Each validating node requires a minimum of 5,000 AUDT and a maximum of 25,000 AUDT to run. A minimum of 500 AUDT indispensable beryllium delegated successful the staking contracts. Documentation for the staking contracts volition beryllium published nether the pursuing URL:

About Auditchain Labs AG

Auditchain Labs AG ( ) is starring the improvement of the world’s archetypal decentralized accounting, audit, fiscal reporting and investigation virtual instrumentality that automates and provides impervious of assurance connected the world’s concern and fiscal information. Auditchain Labs AG is simply a founding subordinate of the DCARPE Alliance Association and is starring the improvement of the Auditchain Protocol with different members of the Alliance.

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About DCARPE Alliance Association

The DCARPE Alliance Association is simply a planetary organisation consisting of members of the accounting, audit, fiscal reporting, legal, blockchain, investment, modular setter and regulatory community. The intent of the Alliance is to follow standards, supply education, thrust exertion innovation and beforehand the adoption of continuous audit and existent clip integer fiscal reporting utilizing the Auditchain Protocol.

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