Bitcoin ETF from 3iQ and Coinshares goes live in Canada

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The fund's units began trading astir 3 weeks aft the concern manager filed a last prospectus with Canadian regulators.

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Bitcoin ETF from 3iQ and Coinshares goes unrecorded  successful  Canada

Canada-based concern money manager 3iQ’s Bitcoin exchange-traded money created successful concern with Coinshares is present disposable for trading.

In an announcement from 3iQ today, trading for the 3iQ Coinshares Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, oregon ETF, began connected the Toronto Stock Exchange today. The fund’s units are trading successful U.S. dollars nether the ticker “BTCQ.U” and Canadian dollars nether the ticker “BTCQ.” Trading opened astatine $11.89 for BTCQ earlier dipping to $11.51 and recovering, portion units of the Bitcoin ETF successful U.S. dollars opened astatine $9.39 and person since risen 0.4% astatine the clip of publication.

The concern money manager said the ETF was aimed astatine providing investors vulnerability to Bitcoin (BTC) based connected the movements of the cryptocurrency’s worth successful dollars, and the accidental for semipermanent superior appreciation. The Bitcoin ETF’s absorption interest is 1%, but 3iQ said it would sorb immoderate different expenses successful excess of 0.25%.

Canada has seemingly taken the pb connected launching crypto ETFs successful North America fixed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s, oregon SEC's, reticence successful approving section funds — though galore are hopeful fixed pro-crypto Gary Gensler’s caller confirmation arsenic SEC chair. 3iQ was down the motorboat of Canada’s archetypal Bitcoin fund, and filed the last prospectus for the Bitcoin ETF earlier this month.

Including 3iQ’s and Coinshare’s fund, regulators successful Canada person approved respective crypto ETFs. Last week, they gave the greenish light for Ether (ETH) ETFs from Purpose Investments, Evolve Funds Group, and CI Global Asset Management to statesman trading connected section exchanges. Both Purpose and Evolve had antecedently launched Bitcoin ETFs, attracting astir $1.3 cardinal and $100 cardinal successful assets nether management, respectively.

Canada’s archetypal Bitcoin fund, launched by 3iQ successful April 2020, has grown to much than $1 billion. Together, Coinshares and 3iQ person $7 cardinal successful assets nether management.

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