Bitcoin 'supercycle' sets up Q4 BTC price top as illiquid supply hits all-time high

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Recent events mean that a Q4 "blow-off top" is present backmost connected the paper arsenic BTC terms betterment clings to its 23% play gains.

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Bitcoin 'supercycle' sets up   Q4 BTC terms  apical  arsenic  illiquid proviso   hits all-time high

Bitcoin (BTC) is gearing up for a comeback which should pb it to repetition classical bull tally years 2013 and 2017, analysts are arguing.

As $42,400 section highs appeared connected July 31, narratives astir the marketplace are flipping backmost to a bullish Bitcoin "supercycle."

Bulls travel retired for 2021 close

Bitcoin has been engaged repairing the interaction of the China miner rout since mid May, but past week's terms advances were stronger than astir anticipated

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Rather than endure a superior dip, BTC terms enactment has held onto its gains, which astatine the clip of penning full 23% successful a week.

What seemed all but impossible conscionable 7 days agone is present spirit of the period among an expanding information of the analytical community.

“History doesn’t repetition itself but it often rhymes” #bitcoin
A repetition would beryllium a Q4 stroke disconnected top. New ATH’s into 2022 look much likely. Super cycle/last rhythm volition beryllium connected what happens successful 2023 IMO.

— ChartsBTC (@ChartsBtc) July 31, 2021

"Following a troubling 3 months of quality and terms action, bitcoin went connected to people 5 greenish monthly candles successful a enactment and went up ~10x successful the 2nd fractional of 2013," Jeff Ross, laminitis and CEO of Vailshire Capital, said successful Twitter comments Saturday.

"I inactive contend that 2021 volition behave successful akin fashion."
BTC/USD 1-month annotated candle chart. Source: Jeff Ross/ Twitter

With its latest uptick, meanwhile, BTC/USD broke done its 21-week exponential moving average, thing which expert Rekt Capital described arsenic a "time-tested bull marketplace indicator."

The proviso daze is back

While Ross added that specified a prediction was "just a guess," helium has an expanding fig of on-chain indicators to enactment him.

Hash rate is backmost supra 100 exahashes per 2nd (EH/s) aft bottoming astatine 83 EH/s, portion difficulty saw its archetypal affirmative readjustment since the May terms clang connected Saturday.

Investor behaviour further mimics the alteration successful sentiment. Strong hodlers with small to nary past of selling their BTC are present backmost successful power astatine levels ne'er seen earlier andabsent since Bitcoin's existent all-time precocious of $64,500 successful April.

"This is precise bullish," Lex Moskovski, main concern serviceman of Moskovski Capital, summarized alongside an accompanying illustration from Glassnode. It showed hodler condemnation successful presumption of an expanding magnitude of the BTC proviso becoming illiquid — taken disconnected the market.

Bitcoin illiquid proviso annotated chart. Source: Lex Moskovski/ Twitter

"Bitcoin 'supply shock' is present astatine levels that antecedently priced Bitcoin astatine $53K," chap expert William Clemente commented connected the aforesaid data.

"Consolidation aft 10 consecutive greenish days is precise tenable but inactive stay bullish implicit the coming weeks."

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