Bitstamp crypto exchange hires former Barclays exec as new COO

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Sameer Dubey is simply a 10-year seasoned of Barclays and erstwhile caput of operations for N26.

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Bitstamp crypto speech   hires erstwhile  Barclays exec arsenic  caller   COO

U.K.-based crypto speech Bitstamp has hired a erstwhile manager of fiscal services institution Barclays’ payments squad arsenic its main operating officer.

In an announcement today, Bistamp said it would beryllium appointing Sameer Dubey to the enforcement presumption arsenic portion of its effort to standard crossed the firm’s businesses. Dubey worked arsenic the manager of the caput of payments for Barclays firm and was a subordinate of the squad down the bank’s blockchain and distributed ledger council. He was besides the caput of operations for U.K. neobank N26 until recently.

The crypto speech said the summation of Dubey would bring “global enactment successful fintech and accepted banking” to the firm. The erstwhile Barclays exec volition reportedly beryllium replacing outgoing COO Vasja Zupan, who went connected to articulation the United Arab Emirates-based Matrix Exchange arsenic president.

“I deliberation that successful a fewer years, we won’t truly beryllium talking astir a cryptocurrency manufacture anymore,” said Dubey. “It volition beryllium different portion of concern and innovative crypto businesses volition beryllium considered fintechs likewise to however N26 is perceived today.”

He added:

“As crypto merges with finance, the portion we play is going to instrumentality connected caller meaning. Part of what makes this abstraction truthful breathtaking is that we truly can’t cognize wherever we’ll beryllium in, let’s say, 10 years.”

Bitstamp is 1 of the oldest exchanges successful the crypto space, with business entities based successful respective countries. In October, erstwhile Gemini exec Julian Sawyer became the firm's caller CEO, replacing Nejc Kodrič for the archetypal clip successful the crypto exchange's history.

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