C.R.E.A.M. launches Iron Bank flash loans, eyes cross-chain capital efficiency

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In a property merchandise today, C.R.E.A.M. Finance announced a caller diagnostic for (and, by proxy, an unofficial relaunch of) Iron Bank, the protocol-to-protocol lending level designed for flash and undercollateralized loans. 

C.R.E.A.M., which laminitis Leo Cheng describes arsenic “the yolo-est Compound fork,” is simply a wealth marketplace designed to screen assets that are “underserved” and let for greater superior ratio for decentralized concern (DeFi) powerfulness users, listing assets specified arsenic Yearn vault tokens and liquidity excavation tokens.

“We’re adding assets that radical privation to have, but others whitethorn beryllium frightened of,” said Cheng.

Iron Bank is, successful galore ways, an utmost implementation of that ethos. The protocol, which allows for undercollateralized protocol-to-protocol lending, is meant to service arsenic DeFi’s equivalent of the $10 trillion firm indebtedness industry, allowing the rule of “corporate credit” to relation betwixt whitelisted protocols. 

Some critique the thought conceptually — undercollateralized lending is inactive an exotic niche successful DeFi — and those critics took a triumph thigh in the aftermath of the Alpha Homora hack that led to an exploit of Iron Bank. This contempt Iron Bank bearing small work for the vulnerability, and the information that the Iron Bank has softly continued to relation crossed aggregate Yearn vaults for months — though not astir astatine the standard to which it’s capable. 

Now, with a caller diagnostic merchandise and Alpha Homora gearing up for a relaunch of its V2, Iron Bank is acceptable to re-enter the spotlight — and it whitethorn beryllium poised to bash truthful successful a large way. 

DeFi Voltron

Cheng speaks with a interaction of pridefulness astir C.R.E.A.M.’s presumption arsenic a subordinate of “DeFi Voltron” — the assemblage of high-profile protocols that “merged” with oregon were “acquired” by the Yearn ecosystem astatine the extremity of past year. 

What started arsenic a casual speech astir getting DeFi maestro Andre Cronje involved successful the task rapidly became a team-level integration betwixt Yearn and C.R.E.A.M., says Cheng. To this time the practicalities of the integrations/mergers/collaborations betwixt the protocols mostly remains a enigma to outsiders, and arsenic a recent rupture with Cover has demonstrated, the “mergers” are not ever etched successful stone.

In Cheng’s view, close present the assorted projects/protocols tin beryllium thought of arsenic the pre-Constitutional United States: abstracted state-level entities are linked done the Articles of Confederation, and each leverages their ain currency.

He hinted that 1 time it mightiness beryllium a “possibility” that each tokens nether the Yearn banner merge to make a single, unified token.

“I’m not saying that’s wherever we’re headed, but I deliberation it’s a anticipation successful the agelong tally — I don’t know.” 

C.R.E.A.M’s intent successful the Yearn DeFi Voltron instrumentality is to beryllium the one-stop all-things-lending solution, and arsenic the Iron Bank proves, lending is simply a wide umbrella. While Iron Bank tin beryllium hard to grasp conceptually, yet what it creates is elemental superior efficiency, says Cheng. 

“Look astatine the anatomy of a flash loan,” says Cheng.

A flash indebtedness mightiness interact with aggregate protocols astatine erstwhile and commercialized betwixt aggregate assets, but Ethereum “doesn’t rather care, and it doesn’t rather spot the borders with the astute declaration projects.” They leap betwixt protocols and assets successful a “flash,” enabled by unfastened liquidity.

If this borderless imaginativeness is taken to its extreme, "any plus a idiosyncratic has connected Ethereum, they should beryllium capable to leverage it to get thing other anyplace else," and if liquidity tin beryllium achieved done an arbitrage commercialized via a flash loan, that unsocial counts arsenic a signifier of plus — astatine slightest successful an ideal, capital-efficient future.

Iron Bank brings this rule of unfastened liquidity to protocol-to-protocol relationships. Cheng says that C.R.E.A.M. is looking into moving with projects similar Saffron Finance, who are processing risk-based tranched debt. If users deliberation that Iron Bank indebtedness is riskier (especially astatine the precocious extremity of its imaginable leverage, up to 95x), Saffron has the infrastructure to enactment that.

What’s more, Cheng says that C.R.E.A.M is moving to grow the horizons of liquidity adjacent to different chains.

Capital Efficiency Squared

If Ethereum doesn’t attraction astir the borders betwixt assets and protocols, past wherefore can’t the aforesaid liquid ratio logic use to each Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible chains? This would let for loans, undercollateralized loans, and flash loans crossed aggregate ecosystems, bolstering liquidity crossed the space. 

“Cross-chain lending. That’s the happening wherever radical halt and say, ‘wait, clasp on, what?’” Cheng laughed. “That’s thing we’re prototyping close now. It’s not thing connected the roadmap, blah blah, we’re prototyping it close now.”

In its aboriginal form, users would beryllium capable to deposit assets connected C.R.E.A.M. V1 and unlock a indebtedness connected different chain, allowing them to entree an alternate ecosystem portion maintaining their assets connected Ethereum. The much exotic lending types volition travel later.

The problems successful creating ideal, harmless superior ratio crossed each EMV-compatible chains are significant, but they’re presently being worked through, says Cheng. Eventually the extremity is to alteration Yearn vaults to spell cross-chain via a “generalized wrapper,” which could grow the tools disposable to vault strategists by orders of magnitude.

It’s a imaginativeness of unfastened liquidity and superior ratio enabled, successful part, owed to an unfastened developmental ethos crossed the DeFi Voltron:

“We person truthful galore channels open. If you had my Telegram open… truthful galore moving groups. I deliberation that communicative is underplayed. The full thought of this merger, it’s truthful almighty — we tin hop successful these channels astatine immoderate time, inquire each different anything. It’s letting america determination truthful quickly.”
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