COINQVEST and Anclap introduce inflation free cryptocurrency payment processing for Argentina

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COINQVEST, a licensed virtual currency service built connected the Stellar Network that allows merchants to accept, negociate and disburse cryptocurrency payments, contiguous announced its collaboration with Argentina-based Anclap, a Peso Argentino anchor and fiscal exertion work provider, to bring blockchain-based and inflation-free outgo processing to merchants and enterprises successful Argentina.

Anclap provides real-time slope relationship integration successful Argentina and helps businesses support themselves from the inflationary quality of the Argentine Peso.

The COINQVEST level offers Argentinians unafraid outgo processing of transactions successful BTC, ETH, XLM, and different large cryptocurrencies oregon stablecoins with colony to planetary and section fiat currencies. Merchants tin connected and off-ramp funds from integer wallets oregon brick-and-mortar slope accounts.

Benefits of COINQVEST see non-custodial settlement, reduced costs and colony times, crypto wallet and fiat slope payouts, lawsuit invoicing, and compliant record-keeping.

“Argentinian merchants tin present settee income successful USD and support a USD equilibrium expanse to support themselves from the depreciation of the Argentina Peso. Settled funds tin automatically beryllium exchanged into ARS utilizing outgo rails provided by Anclap successful real-time.”
– Marcin Olszowy, Co-Founder astatine COINQVEST

COINQVEST’s work offers solutions for developers and non-developers alike. A hosted checkout interface was created for thin businesses without web improvement personnel. For enterprises with a dedicated improvement team, COINQVEST’s almighty and well-documented API with white-label capableness is disposable for greater power and customization.

“COINQVEST is redefining the integer payments industry. It brings countless benefits for Argentine businessmen and entrepreneurs. Anclap participates successful this process connecting e-commerce with the section fiscal strategy done Argentine Pesos, providing an on-/off-ramp to the network, and allowing entree to caller planetary fiscal services instantly and safely, maintaining afloat compliance with PLA/FT regulations.”
– Ivan Mudryj, Co-Founder astatine Anclap

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