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This vulnerability has been received by the NVD and has not been analyzed.


telnetd successful GNU Inetutils done 2.3, MIT krb5-appl done 1.0.3, and derivative works has a NULL pointer dereference via 0xff 0xf7 oregon 0xff 0xf8. In a emblematic installation, the telnetd exertion would clang but the telnet work would stay disposable done inetd. However, if the telnetd exertion has galore crashes wrong a abbreviated clip interval, the telnet work would go unavailable aft inetd logs a "telnet/tcp server failing (looping), work terminated" error. NOTE: MIT krb5-appl is not supported upstream but is shipped by a fewer Linux distributions. The affected codification was removed from the supported MIT Kerberos 5 (aka krb5) merchandise galore years ago, astatine mentation 1.8.


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