DeFire (CWAP) Token Is Now Listed on Exchange

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DeFire (CWAP) Token Is Now Listed connected Exchange

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PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is thrilled to denote the listing of CWAP, being disposable to commercialized connected the 11th June 2021 astatine 10:00AM UTC. CWAP was created by the DeFire team, arsenic the autochthonal currency which sets the ‘right’ economical incentives via its platform. CWAP volition commencement trading with USDT and BTC pairs.

What is DeFire?

DeFire is an bid router crossed decentralized execution venues, oregon successful layman terms, a DEX aggregator. What does it each mean? DeFire provides optimal bid execution crossed the beingness of decentralized exchanges and different bid routing services. In different words, DeFire is successful the concern of offering the champion complaint for DeFi trading.

The quality of worth dynamics wrong the DeFi ecosystem flows from bid travel originators (casual traders, organization traders, wallets with DeFi facilities, etc.) to execution venues (DEX’s and lending platforms) arsenic it is up to the trading agents wherever they take to nonstop their bid flow. DeFire algorithmically optimizes this enactment procedure, bringing marketplace ratio to the wider DeFi ecosystem wrong fixed layer-1 networks.

DeFire’s worth offering, however, is overmuch wider than that. The squad plans connected deploying a game-changing DEX successful the coming months. The existent parameters down the routing optimization routines volition beryllium defined successful a bid of blog posts that volition travel retired successful the adjacent aboriginal and further calibrated arsenic the parameters are acceptable successful chromatic successful the astute contracts. This, however, is taxable to alteration arsenic the task volition beryllium moving towards decentralizing the governance by introducing the DeFire DAO, wherever the assemblage of CWAP stakers volition beryllium capable to present proposals for changing strategy parameters and ballot upon them.

How does it work?

To explicate however the project, and the ecosystem works, 1 indispensable look into 3 antithetic actors, and what each of them person to bash with CWAP, DeFire’s autochthonal currency. These notation to the following:

  1. Order travel originators: These are entities who originate bid flow, and take to commercialized done DeFire. These see traders, ample and tiny brokers of each kinds arsenic good arsenic referral agents.
  2. Third-party execution venues: These are the entities that DeFire routes the orders sourced from originators to. In simpler terms, these are predominantly DEXs (or, potentially, successful the aboriginal different routers).
  3. Pool originators: Entities that ain assets that they usage to database said assets connected a third-party execution venue successful a permissionless mounting oregon otherwise. Listing an plus connected a DEX boils down to opening a liquidity pool, hence the sanction ‘pool originators’.

DeFire serves arsenic a middleware betwixt traders and different orderflow originators who question best, and third-party execution venues who connection liquidity against orders sent their way.

Strong Endorsement

Danish Chaudhry, CEO of Exchange, shared his views connected DeFire, some arsenic the CEO of the exchange, and arsenic an advisor to the DeFire team: “I judge some projects align successful ways which volition pb to further collaboration and opportunities for our communities, the squad down DeFire is built with an array of incredibly talented individuals who are offering apical people facilities for the Cardano web and the expanding DeFi sphere.”

Chaudhry continues connected by saying; “We’re precise excited to spot however DeFire, via their CWAP volition proceed to empower their imaginativeness for the aboriginal of DEX solutions, and summation further outreach with our outstanding assemblage astatine the exchange.”

Eric Benz, Chairman of the DeFire Association besides expressed his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to database connected Exchange, 1 of the world’s astir trusted trading venues for integer assets. However, this represents overmuch much than simply a listing for CWAP. We volition present enactment intimately with the Exchange squad to place synergies wrong the Cardano DeFi landscape, and leverage our astute bid routing exertion to their benefit. We look guardant to listing connected the Exchange and moving with their squad successful the future.”

About Exchange

The ngo of Exchange is to empower radical from each implicit the satellite to commercialized cryptocurrencies with easiness and confidence, from first-time traders to precocious trading professionals. With precocious liquidity, 24/7 multilingual enactment and dozens of trading pairs, complemented with a precocious level of security, we connection an charismatic level for trading immoderate cryptocurrency. Within 1 twelvemonth since launch, connected average, our speech has been visited by much than 500K progressive traders per month, and this fig continues to turn arsenic you work this sentence.

About DeFire

DeFire is presently pursuing a full-stack DEX solution for the Cardano ecosystem that fewer of its rivals successful the abstraction are creating; a debased latency astute decentralized bid router; arsenic good arsenic offering its facilities to the increasing Cardano web and associated rapidly expanding DeFi scene. Execution-wise, DeFire connects to the deepest pools of on-chain liquidity, portion besides gathering retired their ain dedicated liquidity pools. Their staking and liquidity mining mechanisms connection worth to their CWAP token holders. Learn much astatine

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