DIY Gaming Mouse Beats the Competition, Costs Less

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We’ve seen plentifulness of customized keyboards present connected Hackaday. Seriously, similar much than we tin count. But customized mice? Those are acold much elusive. Though we wouldn’t beryllium amazed to spot that alteration should this fantabulous illustration from [Tyler Richard] drawback on.

How the rodent sees the day connected a US quarter

The extremity was to physique a customizable rodent that could lucifer the show of Logitech’s MX Master 3, but without the $100 USD terms tag. In the end, [Tyler] says his rodent is astir 10x arsenic responsive acknowledgment to a 1,000 Hz refresh rate, and the full outgo is conscionable a fraction of the retail terms of the Logitech. Though arsenic you mightiness expect, there’s a drawback oregon two.

For 1 thing, helium says getting your hands connected the PixArt PMW3389 rodent sensor successful azygous quantities tin beryllium difficult. It seems similar helium was capable to unafraid a illustration due to the fact that he’s a student, but you’ll person to fig retired your ain mode to con unafraid 1 from the company. There’s besides nary affable GUI to configure the mouse, and indeed, you’ll request to constitute immoderate codification should you privation to modify immoderate of its buttons. Oh, and contempt the information that the cheapo donor rodent you request to usage for parts is wireless, the replacement guts you’ll beryllium fitting it with presently lone enactment wired operation.

Alright, we’ll admit it’s not perfect. But it’s inactive a immense measurement successful the close absorption if you attraction astir being capable to rotation up your ain input devices. With immoderate refinement, and possibly idiosyncratic consenting to bash bulk bargain of the sensors, we could spot this task becoming rather popular. In the meantime, you whitethorn person to settee for a macro stool.

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