Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way: Dumping STM8 Firmware With 555 Timers

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When [Jarrett] decided to participate the 555 Contest that’s conscionable wrapped up, helium leaned up connected an thought that’s been rattling astir successful his noggin for a fewer years: Using 555 timers to trigger a firmware dump connected a microcontroller. It’s decidedly the incorrect instrumentality for the job, but [Jarrett] got it moving and documented it nicely astatine

The premise is that by interrupting the powerfulness proviso to the STM8 microcontroller at just the close time and for just the close duration, it would skip the acquisition telling it not to let its firmware to beryllium read. Time and duration… things the 555 is good known for being susceptible of. There was a problem, however.

The archetypal occupation is that the duration was to beryllium measured in nanoseconds. A plot assortment 555 has tin lone pulse down to astir 10 microseconds. The solution? Well, you’ll person to work the fantabulous task leafage to find out, but don’t worry- it’s a 555. The 2nd problem? He was utilizing 555’s!

Was [Jarrett] successful? After overmuch fiddling and twiddling, helium perfectly was! The aged firmware was dumped from the STM8 processor and the caller firmware could beryllium flashed with impunity.

This 555 contention has seen immoderate genuinely epic entries, including but not constricted to this 555 based accordion similar instrument that this peculiar writer conscionable can’t get capable of!

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