Domesticating Old Server Hardware In The Age Of Shortages

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Our ain [Dave Rowntree] started moving into bottlenecks erstwhile doing paid enactment involving simulations of undisclosed kind, and resolved to get a abstracted machine for that. Looking for budget-friendly high-performance computers is simply a disappointing task nowadays, thus, it was clip for a ten-year-old HP Proliant 380-g6 to travel retired of Dave’s retention rack. This Proliant server is simply a portion of awesome hardware designed to tally 24/7, with a dual CPU option, eighteen RAM slots, and hardware RAID for HDDs; aged capable that replacement and upgrade parts are cheap, but caller capable that it’s a suitable workhorse for [Dave]’s needs!

After justifying immoderate peculiar choices similar utilizing dual low-power GPUs, lone populating 12 retired of eighteen RAM slots, and picking Windows implicit Linux, [Dave] describes immoderate hardware mods needed to marque this server service well. First, a proprietary hardware RAID controller backup artillery had to beryllium replaced with a regular NiMH artillery pack. A bigger occupation was that the server was unusually loud. Turns out, the dual GPUs confused the committee absorption controller excessively much. Someone wrote a modded firmware to hole this issue, but that firmware had a ceramic hazard [Dave] didn’t privation to take. End result? [Dave] designed and modded an Arduino-powered PWM controller into the server, implicit with watchdog functionality – to support the overheating script risks low. Explanations and codification for each of that tin beryllium recovered successful the blog post, good worthy a work for the insights alone.

If you request a portion of almighty hardware adjacent to your table and got graced with an utilized server, this write-up volition thatch you astir the kinds of problems to look retired for. We don’t often screen server hacks – the emblematic servers we spot successful hacker online spaces are afloat of Raspberry Pi boards, and it’s refreshing to spot existent server hardware get a caller lease connected life. This server won’t ever request a KVM crash-cart, but if you determine to tally yours headless, mightiness arsenic good build a crash-cart retired of a dormant laptop portion you’re astatine it. And if you determine that moving an aged server would outgo much wealth successful energy bills than buying caller hardware, just – but don’t hide to repurpose it’s PSUs earlier recycling the rest!

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