Ether Drops to 14-Month Low Against Bitcoin as Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Whales Send $60M ETH to Exchanges

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The ether-to-bitcoin ratio dropped to a 14-month debased arsenic ample token holders, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, moved coins to crypto exchanges, perchance arsenic a prelude to selling.

ETH-BTC dipped to adjacent 0.0602 connected Tuesday, according to TradingView data, its lowest speechmaking since July.

The caller terms enactment extended a inclination that began successful September 2022, confirming immoderate bearish forecasts from analysts for the second-largest cryptocurrency by marketplace capitalization.

Marcus Thielen, caput of strategy and probe astatine Matrixport, said Monday connected CoinDeskTV that Ethereum’s protocol revenues person been decreasing for the past 3 months, and expected BTC to proceed outperforming the broader crypto market, including ETH.

Popular crypto expert Benjamin Cowen, laminitis of IntoTheCryptoverse, noted successful an X post that a imaginable breakdown successful the ETH’s valuation versus BTC could beryllium successful the cards.

Large ETH investors connected the move

The latest descent successful terms occurred arsenic immoderate salient investors – besides known arsenic whales – person precocious deposited a full of $60 cardinal ETH to crypto exchanges, raising alarms astir further declines successful price.

Market participants intimately travel the on-chain maneuvers of whales, arsenic they are considered well-informed and person a sizable interaction connected the market. Depositing assets to an speech usually signals volition to sell, portion withdrawals suggest accumulation.

Most recently, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin transferred 300 ETH – worthy astir $493,000 – to Kraken connected Tuesday, according to blockchain information noted by information steadfast PeckShield. While the deposit is alternatively small, it spurred speculation among crypto watchers fixed Buterin’s stature for Ethereum.

Another ample holder deposited a full of 30,000 ETH – worthy astir $50 cardinal – to crypto exchanges Binance, OKX and KuCoin implicit the past 4 days, blockchain sleuth Lookonchain noted.

Lookonchain besides pointed out that a crypto wallet that acquired tokens from Ethereum’s archetypal coin offering (ICO) 9 years agone deposited Monday 6,000 ETH – worthy conscionable shy of $10 cardinal – to Kraken.

This entity received astir 255,000 ETH during the ICO, present worthy $423 cardinal Lookonchain noted. Given that the token’s archetypal price was astir 31 cents, selling the coinw present astatine $1,650 would correspond a 527,000% profit.

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