GBTC 'elevator to hell' sees Bitcoin spot price approach 100% premium

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Bitcoin (BTC) concern vehicle, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), is trading adjacent to 50% beneath the BTC terms connected spot markets.

Data from on-chain analytics level Coinglass confirms that connected Dec. 8, GBTC shares deed a caller grounds debased of -47.2% against BTC/USD.

GBTC troubles heap up post-FTX

In the latest bout of nerves to deed the Bitcoin manufacture since the autumn of FTX, GBTC is nearing half-price versus the terms of Bitcoin.

The largest organization Bitcoin concern vehicle, with assets worthy astir $10 billion, GBTC has faced galore challenges successful caller years.

The terms of its shares antecedently traded higher than BTC/USD, resulting successful what was called the “GBTC premium.” Since 2021, however, that premium has turned negative, but the resulting “discount” has done small to lure further organization interest.

As Cointelegraph reported, beyond a fewer key exceptions specified arsenic ARK Invest, GBTC is languishing arsenic relation Grayscale, portion of Digital Currency Group (DCG), attempts to person it to an exchange-traded money (ETF) — suing United States regulators lasting successful its way.

Amid the ineligible battle, FTX has sparked liquidity problems elsewhere successful the DCG empire, and this has led to doubts implicit Grayscale and GBTC. Grayscale declining to amusement impervious of its BTC reserves past month, contempt custodian Coinbase confirming its assets were secure, added to the tensions.

“Grayscale is successful immoderate existent occupation if they person to uncover wherever each the Bitcoins are that backmost the GBTC,” fashionable commented Bitfinex’ed wrote successful portion of a Twitter treatment connected the taxable this week.

This week, things became adjacent worse, arsenic Grayscale faced a lawsuit from capitalist Fir Tree implicit what it calls “shareholder-unfriendly actions.”

GBTC premium vs. plus holdings vs. BTC/USD chart. Source: Coinglass

Meanwhile, wide involvement successful crypto ETFs has plummeted this year, abstracted information suggests.

Woo: Problems "partly bullish" for Bitcoin

With that, the GBTC premium, having hardly recovered from erstwhile grounds lows, sank adjacent further versus Bitcoin, known arsenic its narration to nett plus worth (NAV).

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“$GBTC discount to bitcoin NAV is connected the explicit elevator to hell. => sentiment = bearish,” Timothy Peterson, concern manager astatine Cane Island Alternative Advisors, summarized.

Others lamented the dilatory gait of alteration successful the U.S. arsenic fueling the fire.

“Quite a batch of the symptom this twelvemonth would person been avoided if GBTC had been made into an ETF SEC keeping everyone safe!” capitalist and entrepreneur Alistair Milne reacted, echoing fashionable sentiment from caller weeks.

Willy Woo, creator of statistic assets Woobull, meantime argued that the interaction of fading GBTC vulnerability was not needfully a consecutive antagonistic for BTC terms strength.

“The GBTC / DCG / Genesis fears is simply a bearish unreality hanging implicit the market. But counterintuitively portion of the interaction has been bullish for BTC price,” helium tweeted connected Dec. 5.

“37.5% of radical who sold GBTC bought spot BTC to instrumentality custody. Selling GBTC does not interaction BTC price, buying spot does.”

An further Twitter survey quizzed the platform's users who notionally ain GBTC implicit their motives to sell.

Willy Woo Twitter survey (screenshot). Source: Willy Woo/ Twitter

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