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Ever thought astir moving full-time successful cybersecurity? With millions of unfilled jobs around, present is simply a large clip to get into the industry. Of course, determination are galore antithetic roles successful this field. But each of them necessitate the aforesaid fistful of nonrecreational certifications.

The 2022 Ultimate Advanced CyberSecurity Professional Certification Bundle helps you cod the afloat house, with 5 full-length courses moving towards key exams. The included grooming has a full worth of $1,475. But successful a peculiar woody for readers of The Hacker News, the bundle is present disposable for lone $69.

Special Offer You tin presently get 5 top-rated cybersecurity certification courses for lone $69, with beingness entree included!

Whether you privation to beryllium a penetration tester oregon a cybersecurity researcher, method recruiters privation to spot impervious of your information expertise. NIST is required for authorities projects. Meanwhile, CISSP, ISACA, and CASP+ tin unfastened doors successful the backstage sector.

In this bundle, you get afloat prep for each the exams. The grooming covers everything you request to cognize to walk the tests, on with real-world cognition connected topics similar hazard management, information governance, testing, compliance, catastrophe recovery, defence analysis, and overmuch more.

The bundle offers 147 hours of video tutorials successful total, delivered by the experts astatine ITproTV.

Established successful 2013 by 2 experienced IT professionals, ITproTV has go 1 of the astir trusted acquisition providers successful the world. The institution is rated astatine 4.8 retired of 5 stars connected G2, and 4.5 retired of 5 stars connected Trustpilot. The courses included successful this bundle person large idiosyncratic reviews, arsenic well.

Order contiguous for lone $69 to get beingness on-demand entree to each 5 courses connected desktop and mobile devices, and prevention a monolithic 95% disconnected the full price!

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