Get Your Raspberry Pi Jamming With MuPiBox

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Over the years we’ve seen a batch of Raspberry Pi boards pushed into work arsenic media players. In fact, 2nd to emulating aged crippled consoles, that’s astir apt the Pi’s astir communal vocation erstwhile it comes to DIY builds. But contempt the popularity of this peculiar usage case, it seems similar each 1 has had to reinvent the wheel.

Perhaps there’s wherever MuPiBox fits in. Developed by [Eric Gerhardt] and [Olaf Split] with the assistance of [Andreas Lippmann] and [Andrew Frericks], this task aims to turn everyone’s favourite Linux single-board machine into everyone’s favourite euphony player. MuPiBox provides not lone the bundle to tally your caller high-tech roar box, but it adjacent standardizes the hardware plan and provides a 3D printable enclosure — though people there’s inactive country for mentation if you don’t privation yours to look exactly similar each the others.

Your MuPiBox tin look similar immoderate you want.

At the precise minimum you’ll request a Raspberry Pi, a HifiBerry MiniAmp, and a speaker, though the instructions besides urge you put successful a Pimoroni OnOff SHIM (or ligament up thing comparable) to facilitate much graceful shutdowns. For the champion acquisition you’ll besides privation a 5 inch Waveshare interaction surface show and a USB powerfulness slope truthful your beats tin spell mobile.

The video beneath shows disconnected the polished banal GUI, which is elemental capable that adjacent children should beryllium capable to navigate astir and find their favourite tracks. Which is good, particularly since it’s successful German. The video besides shows disconnected immoderate precocious setup features truthful you don’t person to propulsion the SD paper retired of the Pi conscionable to alteration the WiFi web it’s attached to. There’s besides a web interface that you tin entree from different devices connected the network.

It’s a slick project, and we truly similar the aesthetics of the 3D printable enclosure. But adjacent if you don’t privation to replicate the task exactly, there’s surely components present which could beryllium utilized successful your ain Pi media halfway build.

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