Hackaday Prize 2022: The Baffatari 2600 Adds Atari Compatibility to Retrocomputers

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Like today’s Intel-AMD duopoly, the marketplace for location machine CPUs successful the 1970s and ’80s was dominated by 2 players: Zilog with their Z80, and MOS Technology with their 6502 processor. But dissimilar today, adjacent if 2 computers had the aforesaid CPU, it didn’t mean the 2 were bundle compatible: differences successful representation layout, video interfaces, and retention media meant that bundle developed for an Atari 2600 wouldn’t tally connected an Apple I, contempt the 2 sharing the aforesaid basal CPU architecture.

[Augusto Baffa]’s latest modern retrocomputer design, the Baffatari 2600, cleverly demonstrates that the quality betwixt those 2 computers truly is lone skin-deep. The Baffatari is simply a plug-in committee that adds Atari 2600 functionality to [Augusto]’s earlier Baffa-6502 system, which was designed to beryllium Apple I-compatible. Since some the Apple and the Atari are powered by 6502 CPUs, lone a fewer peripherals request to beryllium swapped to alteration 1 into the other.

Sitting connected the Baffatari committee are 2 chips indispensable to the Atari 2600’s architecture: the 6532 RAM I/O Timer (RIOT) that contains the RAM and joystick interface, and the Television Interface Adapter (TIA) that handles the graphics and audio. These chips link to the Baffa-6502’s strategy bus, enabling the main CPU to pass with them and tally Atari 2600 bundle titles. In the video embedded below, you tin spot respective classical games moving connected the Baffa system.

The basal thought is akin to this RC2014 plug-in board that enables a Z80-based retrocomputer to tally MSX and Colecovision titles. In fact, [Augusto] besides built specified a committee for his earlier Z80 project.

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