Hacking the Logitech Z906 Speaker System

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The Logitech Z906 is simply a well-rounded 5.1 situation dependable system. It’s susceptible of putting retired 1000W successful highest power, and tin decode Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks arsenic you’d expect. It’s intended to beryllium utilized arsenic the bosom of a location cinema strategy and utilized with a cardinal bid console. However, [zarpli] figured retired the device’s serial secrets and tin present tally the instrumentality successful a standalone manner.

As it turns out, the Z906 uses a main power console that speaks to the remainder of the hardware implicit a DE15 connector (also known arsenic the DB-15). [zarpli] realized that the hardware could alternatively beryllium commanded by conscionable astir immoderate instrumentality with a serial port. Thus, a room was whipped up that tin beryllium readily utilized with an Arduino to power each the large functions of the Z906. Everything from measurement levels to effect modes and transmission assignments tin beryllium commanded by microcontroller. As a finale, [zarpli] shows disconnected the hardware playing a multi-channel creation without the console connected, with his ain hardware moving the amusement instead.

If you’ve got a Logitech Z906 oregon akin portion that you privation to automate, you mightiness find this enactment useful. It’s besides a bully inspiration for anyone contemplating hacking distant at the console ports connected different hardware. Video aft the break.

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