How to get IP address from Zoom

5 months ago 2032

I've seen a mates of threads present and successful different subreddits of users asking however to get an IP code from a zoom call. This usually ends up with idiosyncratic responding with 'Wireshark'. So I've decided to clarify a fewer things...

  1. You can't1

The crushed for this is zoom is not Peer to Peer (P2P), and is unreality based ( This means that each your postulation archetypal goes to the zoom unreality server, and is past handed disconnected to the different users - you volition not spot different participants IPs.

If you privation to spot what happens erstwhile you tally wireshark during a zoom call, you tin cheque retired Lawrence Systems connected youtube ( He besides confirms that each information is passed done zoom's cloud, and you cannot spot different users IP address.



Zoom does notation that it is imaginable to big Zoom connected you ain premises:

You tin reproduce Zoom’s infrastructure by integrating it into yours utilizing our Meeting Connector product. With Meeting Connector, the handshake process happens done our servers, but from that constituent forward, the gathering is wholly successful your hands.

This would let you to spot who connects etc, but would mean you request to acceptable up the infrastructure and big the gathering etc.

Hope that helps!

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