How to Handle Manage Feature Requests

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Product School community is wherever PMs sermon and navigate done blistery topics successful the Product world. Check retired this treatment connected however to grip diagnostic requests 👀

Hi everyone

How bash you grip diagnostic requests?

Customers are similar kids successful a candy store. They privation everything, and they inquire for it. It is our occupation arsenic liable parents (product managers) to accidental no. However, collectively each these (in galore cases small) diagnostic requests are information connected what customers want.

How are you capable to zoom retired from a agelong database of jira issues and extract thing that volition marque an interaction connected your product? Methods, tools etc.

Hi Eric Lamendola,

I wholly hold with you that customers are similar kids successful a candy store. I personally similar to stitchery the diagnostic requests from the clients and analyse them.

At times I find logical diagnostic petition which would effect successful amended idiosyncratic experience.

Most of these diagnostic requests are portion of the backlog oregon the on-going sprint(s). So I pass the lawsuit of a tentative day if the diagnostic is planned oregon fto them cognize it is connected the roadmap with a definite priority.

Then travel the diagnostic requests that bash not align with the merchandise vision. I convey the aforesaid to the customers. At times, specified tickets extremity up successful the backlog erstwhile lawsuit has a logical constituent however it lick the problem(s).

This mode everything is not portion of the backlog and I debar having a agelong list. And besides I beryllium down with cardinal stakeholders and income to negociate the priorities of the tickets successful the backlog (new features). This assistance maine successful absorption connected what the marketplace needs and volition person a affirmative interaction connected the product.

Thanks for your input Abdul Hannan, I deliberation that is simply a precise bully and cleanable process.

What Im a spot funny astir are those that are not aligned with merchandise vision. At the moment. Over clip determination mightiness beryllium immoderate opportunities hidden determination among these. The fig of requests for a fixed feature, a fig of abstracted diagnostic requests that unneurotic whitethorn unfastened a caller opportunity, etc. How tin 1 analyse this information to perchance find these opportunities?

Feature requests tin beryllium a nightmare if not decently managed. Our occupation is to perceive to customers but that doesn’t mean we tin physique each what they want. We should strive to physique the astir interaction features for them.

One of the things I bash that I find adjuvant is to usage tools similar, embed it successful your merchandise oregon emails - anyone that works for you. Ask your customers to driblet diagnostic requests and feedback. It is unfastened to each different customers arsenic well. They tin ballot connected features that idiosyncratic already raise.

To assistance negociate your time, you tin person interior metrics - you volition lone cheque a petition if n fig of votes. So that way, you make clip to absorption connected different heavy work. Ideally earlier they inquire important features, you would person spot that during 1 of your discoveries particularly erstwhile doing accidental mapping.

I privation you each the best

Erlend Valle I recognize what makes you curious. Such diagnostic requests prevarication successful the grey country successful presumption of merchandise vision.

For specified diagnostic you tin dicuss with each interior involvement holder and marque a combined determination connected them arsenic each stakeholder volition bring a antithetic constituent connected the table.

The features connected which each stakeholders hold should beryllium portion of the merchandise roadmap would necessitate to beryllium evaluated for interaction and priority. For interaction and precedence valuation I usually inquire my Sales squad and lawsuit occurrence squad to supply maine with the applicable customer/prospect feedback connected those features. I astatine times speech to the customers myself to get the required information.

I anticipation this helps you.

Also, I presently usage information funnels (analytics) and visualize idiosyncratic information to spot however a definite diagnostic successful the travel tin assistance merchandise usage oregon lawsuit retention. That besides help

I usually measurement the database connected 2 parameters i.e. however important a diagnostic is and secondly is it feasible. Then find debased hanging fruits and travel up with a roadmap.

Thank you each for your input and tips. I wholly hold that uncovering the requests that makes astir interaction are the ones that needs to beryllium added to the roadmap. I volition decidedly checkout Using specified a instrumentality unneurotic with analytics and the different inputs you person shared whitethorn assistance observe what that is. is simply a large instrumentality too


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