Improve Your Front Panels

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For galore of us, the bane of physics projects is making a professional-looking enclosure. Sure, 3D printing has made it easier to marque the existent enclosure, but there’s inactive the occupation of labeling it. [Richard Langner] has the reply with thing helium calls easy beforehand panels. You tin work astir it oregon ticker the tutorial video below.

The conception is casual enough. You make your beauteous artwork successful your prime of graphics programs. The illustration uses Inkscape, but you could bash it successful anything, adjacent PowerPoint. You people it retired and chopped it to size. You could, of course, people it successful colour oregon — arsenic the illustration does — colour it successful by hand.

Even if you people successful color, [Richard] suggests you people a achromatic borderline astir holes and past usage a achromatic marker to colour it to fell immoderate imperfections successful cutting. For the adjacent step, you spot the artwork successful a laminator pouch and laminate it. We wondered if immoderate of the self-laminating pouches would enactment arsenic well.

After lamination, you trim astir to the edge. The instructions accidental to permission 1 mm to debar losing the laminate seal. It is champion not to chopped holes successful the laminate (for example, for the show window) unless perfectly necessary. One happening missing was however the finished beforehand sheet attaches to the box. We presume immoderate glue that sets bladed would bash the trick.

The container looks large and this seems easier than using, say, waterslide insubstantial to make labels. You could besides get fancy by utilizing laser printer foil oregon different printing tricks arsenic agelong arsenic they volition past the lamination step.

A laminator tin person many uses astir the shop. You tin adjacent usage it successful your PCB fabrication.

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