Improving an Already Phenomenal Star Trek Prop

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When Star Trek: Voyager was successful the improvement phase, conception creation was created for a caller benignant of tricorder to beryllium utilized by the unit of the titular starship. But arsenic it often the lawsuit with a younger sibling, the amusement ended up having to mostly marque bash with the hand-me-down props from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which had precocious finished its TV run.

Trek aficionado [Mangy_Dog] completed a jaw-dropping recreation of this unused tricorder plan backmost successful 2019, but incapable to permission good capable alone, he’s precocious completed a 2nd mentation that genuinely raises the barroom for instrumentality replicas. It’s not hyperbole to accidental that the prop he’s created is of a acold higher prime and fidelity than thing they would person had during the existent filming of the show.

Now you mightiness beryllium reasoning that gathering the 2nd mentation of the tricorder was easier than the first, and indeed, [Mangy_Dog] learned immoderate important lessons from the earlier build. But that’s not to accidental that operation of this caller replica, which was really done connected commission, went disconnected without a hitch. In fact, helium astir instantly ran into a superior problem. When helium attempted to bid a caller show from Nextion, helium recovered the prime had dropped importantly from the ones he’d utilized previously. The viewing angles and colour reproduction were abysmal, truthful helium was forced to spell backmost to the drafting committee and not lone find a caller display, but a wholly caller graphics spot to speech to it.

Simplifying the hinge meant making the electronics much complex.

Being forced to redesign the main PCB was of people regrettable, but it was hardly the lone situation [Mangy_Dog] ran into gathering his caller tricorder. Discovering that the SLA 3D printed hinges utilized successful the archetypal physique weren’t beardown capable for semipermanent use, helium had to fig retired however to marque caller ones retired of brass portion inactive retaining the quality to tally wires done them invisibly arsenic well.

Along the mode helium realized that if helium switched implicit to utilizing two-wire serial communications betwixt his antithetic PCBs, helium could chopped down the fig of wires helium had to usage the archetypal clip around. Retooling ample sections of some the hardware and codification similar this added much and much clip to the full project. How overmuch time? Well, to springiness you an idea, [Mangy_Dog] had primitively planned connected delivering this commissioned prop astir Christmas of 2019.

Still, we deliberation you’ll hold that it was clip good spent. Speaking of which, we cognize putting speech the astir 2 hours it volition instrumentality to ticker the 3 videos [Mangy_Dog] has produced astir this physique is simply a batch to ask, but deliberation of it this way: if you skip Tattoo and Threshold connected your adjacent re-watch of Voyager, it volition fundamentally adjacent itself retired and thing of worth volition beryllium lost.

Interested successful much terrestrial projects from [Mangy_Dog]? We were peculiarly fond of his interaction surface reflow oven backmost successful 2020, and his scratch-built retro gaming handheld is inactive 1 of the champion we’ve ever seen.

Thanks to [SomeComputerGuy] connected the Hackaday Discord server for the tip.

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