Leaked Images Suggest Opensea Plans to Add Solana-Based NFT Support

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Leaked Images Suggest Opensea Plans to Add Solana-Based NFT Support

Leaked images that allegedly deduce from the starring non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Opensea bespeak that the level whitethorn soon present Solana-based NFTs. The images were discovered by the tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong who is good known for leaking accusation astir yet-to-launch features from circumstantial tech platforms.

Tech Blogger With History of Discovering Yet-to-Launch Features Says Opensea Plans to Add Solana Blockchain Support

Leading NFT marketplace Opensea is simply a fashionable level that supports some the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. Opensea has recorded astir $22.73 cardinal successful NFT income since the company’s inception, with 1,358,052 traders leveraging the platform. According to a leaked representation stemming from the tech blogger and renowned hacker Jane Manchun Wong, Opensea whitethorn beryllium adding Solana-based NFTs soon.

“Opensea is moving connected Solana integration, arsenic good arsenic Phantom wallet support,” the tech blogger tweeted. “Opensea’s Chains Filter showing Solana arsenic an option,” Wong added.

Leaked Images Suggest Opensea Plans to Add Solana-Based NFT SupportTech blogger Jane Manchun Wong’s leaked images shared connected Twitter.

Wong’s find is not the archetypal clip rumors of Opensea adding Solana person surfaced. The animator and Solana advocator @bhaleyart tweeted a akin representation of Opensea’s blockchain filter successful mid-November 2021. Wong is good known for sharing leaked images and publishing findings of uncovered yet-to-launch tech level features. The tech blogger and hacker has been featured successful Forbes 30 Under 30 2022.

Solana is the third-largest blockchain successful presumption of NFT income with $1.26 cardinal sold to 244,107 buyers crossed 1,324,284 transactions. In mid-October, FTX launched an NFT marketplace that supported Solana-based NFTs first, and the speech aboriginal added Ethereum-based NFT support.

The Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden is the astir fashionable NFT marketplace that leverages the SOL concatenation contiguous with 414,260 traders and $706 cardinal successful full income volume. Because Polygon fees are overmuch cheaper than Ethereum’s furniture 1 (L1) fees, Opensea commercialized measurement connected the Polygon web has increased a large deal since the concatenation was implemented. Solana web fees are negligible successful examination to the mean interest to usage Ethereum’s L1.

What bash you deliberation astir the leaked images shared by the tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong? Do you deliberation Opensea volition beryllium adding Solana enactment to the platform’s database of blockchain options? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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