More evidence game devs hate NFTs and crypto

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The results from a survey by the Game Developers Conference are in, and they uncover a deep-seated distaste for NFTs, crypto, and the Metaverse.

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More grounds  crippled  devs hatred  NFTs and crypto

A caller survey revealed that astir crippled developers and their studios person nary involvement successful processing oregon moving with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) oregon crypto payments.

The survey released by the Game Developers Conference connected Jan. 21 titled State of the Game Industry 2022 polled 2,700 crippled developers connected their level of involvement successful NFTs and cryptocurrency. Results were little than favorable for gamers themselves, who person shown large involvement successful NFTs.

A resounding bulk of respondents indicated that their workplace is ‘not interested' successful cryptocurrency arsenic a outgo instrumentality (72%) and is ‘not interested’ successful NFTs (70%). Only 1% responded that they were already processing NFTs oregon already utilizing cryptocurrency arsenic a outgo tool.

Of the 14 comments connected NFTs and crypto from developers published successful the survey, lone 1 was mostly positive, portion the others ranged from backhanded to scathing. The lone affirmative remark work “It’s the question of the future.”

Another responsive intimated that the full NFT manufacture is problematic erstwhile they said:

How this hasn’t been identified arsenic a pyramid strategy is beyond me.

Other comments echoed concerns astir the aboriginal authorities of the gaming manufacture if it embraces crypto and NFTs:

“They’re going to thrust a wedge close successful the bosom of this industry. It’s going to go truly wide what folks’ motivations are, and it’s not going to beryllium pretty.”

The NFT marketplace is presently driven by traders, collectors, and gamers. On OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, trading measurement is driven by collectible items. Currently, the Azuki postulation has the highest seven-day trading measurement connected the level with 27,163 ETH ($6.5 million).

Decentralized App (dApp) games that utilize NFTs relationship for astir $35 cardinal successful measurement implicit the past 24 hours. That measurement comes from astir 867,000 users according to DappRadar. According to Mordor Intelligence, erstwhile NFTs are integrated much broadly crossed the $178 cardinal accepted gaming industry, they volition scope implicit 3 cardinal gamers worldwide.

Respondents shared a mostly antagonistic outlook connected metaverse gaming, arsenic well. Even though implicit 12 companies are present processing augmented world (AR) and virtual world (VR) devices for gamers to immerse themselves successful games, the study stated that “about one-third of respondents judge the metaverse conception volition ne'er present connected its promise.”

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Software elephantine Microsoft precocious announced that it purchased gaming firm, Activision Blizzard, for $95 per share. Microsoft has shown nary specified disdain for the exertion and plans to make games designed to beryllium played successful the Metaverse with its newly-acquired brand.

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