Newly Uncovered PyPI Package Drops Fileless Cryptominer to Linux Systems

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A now-removed rogue bundle pushed to the authoritative third-party bundle repository for Python has been recovered to deploy cryptominers connected Linux systems.

The module, named "secretslib" and downloaded 93 times anterior to its deletion, was released to the Python Package Index (PyPI) connected August 6, 2022 and is described arsenic "secrets matching and verification made easy."


"On a person inspection though, the bundle covertly runs cryptominers connected your Linux instrumentality in-memory (directly from your RAM), a method mostly employed by fileless malware and crypters," Sonatype researcher Ax Sharma disclosed successful a study past week.

It achieves this by executing a Linux executable record retrieved from a distant server station installation, whose main task is to driblet an ELF record ("memfd") straight successful representation that functions arsenic a Monero crypto miner, aft which it gets deleted by the "secretslib" package.

"The malicious enactment leaves small to nary footprint and is rather 'invisible' successful a forensic sense," Sharma pointed out.

On apical of that, the menace histrion down the bundle abused the individuality and interaction accusation of a morganatic bundle technologist moving for Argonne National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy-funded laboratory to lend credibility to the malware.


The idea, successful a nutshell, is to instrumentality users into downloading poisoned libraries by assigning them to trusted, fashionable maintainers without their cognition oregon consent – a proviso concatenation menace called package planting.

The improvement comes arsenic PyPi took steps to purge 10 malicious packages that were orchestrated to harvest captious information points specified arsenic passwords and API tokens.

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