Nigerian Lawmakers Slam Naira Devaluation, Warn of Inflation Implications

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Nigeria’s House of Representatives has moved a question calling connected the country’s cardinal slope to extremity the continuing devaluation of the naira. In his unanimously adopted motion, House Representative Bamidele Salam warned the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) of the antagonistic “implications of further devaluing the naira.”

Lawmakers Slam CBN U-Turn

The House’s informing follows the CBN’s caller determination to devalue naira from an speech complaint of 393 to the existent 1 of conscionable nether 411 nairas for each dollar. Furthermore, the Nigerian lawmakers’ telephone for involution comes conscionable a fewer days aft the currency marginally depreciated against the USD connected the achromatic market. At the clip of writing, the naira merchantability complaint connected the achromatic marketplace was 502 to the dollar.

Meanwhile, a report points to Salam reminding the CBN politician Godwin Emefiele of his earlier stance connected currency devaluation. Before the naira’s devaluation successful May 2021, Emefiele had repeatedly defended the country’s overvalued speech rate. He besides slammed parallel marketplace traders for fueling the naira’s continued depreciation connected the forex achromatic market.

Still, successful expressing his exasperation with the CBN’s speech complaint policies, Salam said:

The House is acrophobic that devaluation is apt to origin ostentation due to the fact that imports volition beryllium much costly – immoderate imported goods oregon earthy worldly volition summation successful price; Aggregate request increases, causing demand-pull inflation. Firms/exporters person little inducement to chopped costs due to the fact that they tin trust connected the devaluation to amended competitiveness.

Salam adds that lawmakers are present acrophobic that immoderate “long-term devaluation (of the naira) whitethorn pb to little productivity due to the fact that of the diminution successful incentives.”

CBN Abandons Multiple Exchange Rate Policy

Since the twelvemonth 2020, the CBN has adopted a aggregate speech complaint argumentation arsenic it sought to debar an outright devaluation. For instance, Nigeria’s erstwhile authoritative speech of 393 naira to 1 dollar was “used arsenic a ground for fund preparation.” On the different hand, the Nigerian Autonomous Foreign Exchange Rate Fixing Methodology (NAFEX) is simply a intimately controlled speech complaint for investors and exporters.

Following the devaluation of the naira, the authoritative speech complaint and the NAFEX are present some pegged astatine conscionable nether 411 to the dollar. In the meantime, the study besides quotes Salam explaining immoderate of the imaginable implications of a accelerated devaluation connected the Nigerian government’s quality to rise funds. The lawmaker said:

“It makes investors little consenting to clasp authorities indebtedness due to the fact that the depreciation efficaciously reduces the existent worth of their holdings. In immoderate cases, accelerated devaluation tin trigger superior flight.”

Do you hold that the devaluation of the naira volition origin inflation? You tin stock your views successful the comments conception below.

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