North Korea's Lazarus Group Suspected in $31 Million CoinEx Heist

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Sep 17, 2023THNCryptocurrency / Cyber Attack

Million CoinEx Heist

The North Korea-affiliated Lazarus Group has stolen astir $240 cardinal successful cryptocurrency since June 2023, marking a important escalation of its hacks.

According to aggregate reports from Certik, Elliptic, and ZachXBT, the infamous hacking radical is said to beryllium suspected down the theft of $31 cardinal successful integer assets from the CoinEx exchange connected September 12, 2023.

The crypto heist aimed astatine CoinEx adds to a string of caller attacks targeting Atomic Wallet ($100 million), CoinsPaid ($37.3 million), Alphapo ($60 million), and ($41 million).


"Some of the funds stolen from CoinEx were sent to an code which was utilized by the Lazarus radical to launder funds stolen from, albeit connected a antithetic blockchain," Elliptic said. "Following this, the funds were bridged to Ethereum, utilizing a span antecedently utilized by Lazarus, and past sent backmost to an code known to beryllium controlled by the CoinEx hacker."

The blockchain analytics steadfast said the latest attacks are an denotation that the adversarial corporate is shifting its absorption from decentralized services to centralized ones, the second of which were its targets anterior to 2020.

The pivot is apt motivated by improvements successful astute declaration auditing and improvement standards successful the DeFi abstraction and accrued entree offered by centralized exchanges via societal engineering attacks.

Million CoinEx Heist

The improvement comes arsenic the person of the sanctions-hit nation, Kim Jong Un, visited Russia for what's believed to beryllium an arms deal, adjacent arsenic it fired 2 short-range ballistic missiles toward its eastbound seas earlier successful the week.

North Korea has leveraged cryptocurrency thefts arsenic a mode to get astir sanctions and money its weapons programs. Another revenue procreation channel is its usage of freelance IT workers abroad utilizing fraudulent recognition documents that obscure their existent nationality.

"In caller years, determination has been a marked emergence successful the size and standard of cyber attacks against cryptocurrency-related businesses by North Korea," TRM Labs said successful June 2023. "This has coincided with an evident acceleration successful the country's nuclear and ballistic rocket programs."


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The Lazarus Group and its sub-clusters arsenic good arsenic different hacking outfits linked to the state person been connected a rampage successful caller months, orchestrating a assortment of malicious operations, including bundle proviso concatenation attacks targeting companies specified arsenic 3CX and JumpCloud arsenic good arsenic open-source repositories for JavaScript and Python.

In a post-mortem of the hack, CoinsPaid disclosed that phony recruiters from crypto companies contacted its employees via LinkedIn and assorted Messengers with lucrative salaries and instrumentality them into "installing the JumpCloud Agent oregon a peculiar programme to implicit a method task," a run known arsenic Operation Dream Job.

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