North Korea's Lazarus Hackers Targeting macOS Users Interested in Crypto Jobs

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North Korea Hackers

The infamous Lazarus Group has continued its signifier of leveraging unsolicited occupation opportunities to deploy malware targeting Apple's macOS operating system.

In the latest variant of the run observed by cybersecurity institution SentinelOne past week, decoy documents advertizing positions for the Singapore-based cryptocurrency speech steadfast

The latest disclosure builds connected erstwhile findings from Slovak cybersecurity steadfast ESET successful August, which delved into a akin phony occupation posting for the Coinbase cryptocurrency speech platform.


Both these fake occupation advertisements are conscionable the latest successful a bid of attacks dubbed Operation In(ter)ception, which, successful turn, is simply a constituent of a broader run tracked nether the sanction Operation Dream Job.

Although the nonstop organisation vector for the malware remains unknown, it's suspected that imaginable targets are singled retired via nonstop messages connected the concern networking tract LinkedIn.

North Korea Hackers

The intrusions commence with the deployment of a Mach-O binary, a dropper that launches the decoy PDF papers containing the occupation listings astatine, while, successful the background, it deletes the Terminal's saved state ("").

The downloader, besides akin to the safarifontagent room employed successful the Coinbase onslaught chain, subsequently acts arsenic a conduit for a bare-bones second-stage bundle named "," which is simply a copycat mentation of ""

"The main intent of the second-stage is to extract and execute the third-stage binary, wifianalyticsagent," SentinelOne researchers Dinesh Devadoss and Phil Stokes said. "This functions arsenic a downloader from a [command-and-control] server."


The last payload delivered to the compromised instrumentality is chartless owing to the information that the C2 server liable for hosting the malware is presently offline.

These attacks are not isolated, for the Lazarus Group has a history of carrying retired cyber-assaults connected blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms arsenic a sanctions-evading mechanism, enabling the adversaries to summation unauthorized entree to endeavor networks and bargain integer funds.

"The menace actors person made nary effort to encrypt oregon obfuscate immoderate of the binaries, perchance indicating short-term campaigns and/or small fearfulness of detection by their targets," the researchers said.

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