One Of The Largest Large Format Cameras You Will Ever Have Seen

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When destiny lands a precise precocious prime lens successful beforehand of you, what bash you bash with it? If you are [Tim Hamilton], the solution is obvious. Use it successful a immense large-format camera.

The lens came from a paper magnifier made redundant by digitalisation and utilized arsenic a paperweight. It’s an highly precocious prime portion of optical instrumentality truthful seeing it wasted successful this mode was a root of distress. So aft characterising it an tremendous scaled-up container and bellows was constructed, and acceptable upon a suitably important wheeled tripod.

Instead of a immense portion of movie oregon immoderate unobtainable elephantine physics sensor, the representation is projected onto a ample surface astatine the rear of the camera. A modern integer camera is mounted wrong the container conscionable beneath the lens and photographs the screen, resulting successful the consciousness of the largest of ample format cameras with the convenience of a integer format. The resulting images person a peculiar prime to them that recalls pictures from the past, and decidedly makes the camera a peculiar if somewhat inconvenient device.

This whitethorn beryllium 1 of the larger cameras we’ve featured, but it’s not the archetypal that uses a akin technique.

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