Optus data breach: Australians will be able to change their driver’s licence with telco to pay

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Australians caught up successful a monolithic breach of Optus information volition beryllium capable to alteration their driver’s licence numbers and get caller cards, with the telco expected to carnivore the multi-million dollar outgo of the changeover.

The New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia governments connected Tuesday evening began clearing the bureaucratic hurdles for anyone who tin beryllium they are victims of the hack, which has affected millions of people.

The alleged Optus hacker’s merchandise of 10,000 lawsuit records has made the request for those affected to replace individuality documents urgent, experts say.

Toby Murray, an subordinate prof successful cybersecurity astatine the University of Melbourne, said the merchandise of information revealed immoderate individuals had aggregate documents compromised – which would transcend the 100 points of recognition required to beryllium someone’s individuality for organisations specified arsenic Centrelink oregon a constabulary check.

“For those people, they are precise overmuch astatine hazard present arsenic a effect of the events today,” Murray said connected Tuesday. “If I were them, I would surely beryllium starting the process to alteration my driving licence fig oregon my Medicare paper number.”

The NSW lawsuit work minister, Victor Dominello, has “strongly advised” customers notified by Optus that their driver’s licence details had been compromised to use for a replacement.

NSW volition complaint a $29 replacement fee, which it said volition beryllium reimbursed by Optus.

Victorians volition besides get “free” licence fig replacements and the accidental to emblem their licence grounds successful lawsuit of aboriginal fraud.

“We volition petition Optus repays the outgo of the caller licences to the Victorian government,” a spokesperson said.

Similar arrangements are being made successful different states and territories and the outgo to Optus could tally into the tens of millions of dollars.

The Coalition says the Australian authorities  should screen  the outgo  of caller   passports for affected Optus customers.
The Coalition says the Australian authorities should screen the outgo of caller passports for affected Optus customers. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, the absorption called connected the national authorities to waive replacement passport fees and expedite processing times.

“Victims of the Optus cyber hack should not person to hold oregon wage important amounts of fees to unafraid their idiosyncratic information, and get a caller passport,” Coalition senators Simon Birmingham and James Paterson said successful a statement.

“While Optus indispensable instrumentality work for what whitethorn beryllium the largest information breach successful Australian history, the Albanese authorities has a work to assistance Australians instrumentality steps to support their idiosyncratic accusation and security.”

How hard is it to regenerate individuality documents?

While galore Optus customers privation to regenerate their individuality documents, not everyone volition person the clip and funds disposable to bash so.

Murray said portion changing your Medicare paper fig is comparatively straightforward, driver’s licences and passports are much challenging.

Murray said those wanting to alteration their passports would astir apt person to hold much than 3 months owed to ongoing Covid-19 delays.

He said it was not lone hard for galore to find the clip to marque the application, but the outgo progressive would beryllium important for those struggling financially.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Dfat) said connected its website there was nary breach of its ain systems and passports were inactive harmless to usage for travel.

How bash you regenerate your drivers’ licence?

Victorians tin usually lone use for a caller licence if determination is grounds fraud has occurred. But a spokesperson for the state’s transport section said connected Tuesday that affected Victorians could replace their licence online and the section was requesting that Optus pay.

Anyone notified by Optus that their licence details had been breached tin interaction VicRoads to person their licence grounds flagged and petition a replacement.

“By flagging records the Department of Transport volition forestall immoderate unauthorised changes oregon entree to idiosyncratic accusation done the Victorian licence database,” the section said.

“Records volition besides beryllium flagged wrong the nationalist database. We are besides reviewing our policies to find whether replacing licences mightiness beryllium due successful this case.”

Flagging an relationship doesn’t forestall radical utilizing licence accusation for third-party reasons similar applying for slope accounts.

To get a caller licence fig successful NSW, customers tin use for a replacement via the Service NSW app, Dominello confirmed connected Tuesday afternoon.

“Optus volition interaction customers successful coming days to corroborate whether oregon not they request to use for a replacement operator licence,” helium said.

An interim paper fig volition beryllium instantaneously issued earlier a integrative licence paper is delivered wrong 10 concern days.

Applicants volition person to beforehand the $29 replacement interest but “reimbursement proposal volition beryllium issued by Optus to customers successful the coming days”.


1. Firstly I americium atrocious it has taken respective days to scope this landing. People are understandably stressed and request a pathway forward. pic.twitter.com/LYcGSU4dFJ

— Victor Dominello MP (@VictorDominello) September 27, 2022

Dominello apologised for the pivot, which took “several days” to reach.

Previously, customers successful NSW had to “report the theft oregon incidental to constabulary and get a constabulary lawsuit oregon ReportCyber receipt (CIRS) number” and past implicit a replacement form, which led to backlash from aggravated customers.

“Customers who person had some their operator licence fig and associated paper fig compromised are expected to beryllium contacted by Optus successful coming days and are powerfully advised to use for a replacement licence arsenic soon arsenic possible,” Service NSW said.

In Tasmania and South Australia, customers tin alteration their driver’s licence fig by attending a work centre.

The South Australian State Government volition waive the accustomed replacement interest for South Australians requiring a caller driver’s licence arsenic a effect of the caller Optus information breach.

— Peter Malinauskas (@PMalinauskasMP) September 27, 2022

In Queensland, the transport minister, Mark Bailey, tweeted caller licences would beryllium provided to radical affected arsenic agelong arsenic they had a information breach announcement from Optus oregon different enforcement agency.

“Should our customers beryllium acrophobic their operator licence fig (also known arsenic lawsuit notation number) has been utilized for fraudulent activity, they should instantly interaction the Queensland police,” the Queensland section of transport said.


Good quality for Queenslanders.

New licences, with caller numbers, with beryllium provided escaped of complaint to Queenslanders impacted by the Optus breach.

Please be a @TMRQld Customer Service Centre with documentation during unfastened hours… 1/2

— Mark Bailey MP (@MarkBaileyMP) September 27, 2022

Guardian Australia has contacted the liable departments successful Northern Territory, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

Who’s going to pay?

Optus has said it volition connection “the astir affected existent and erstwhile customers” escaped recognition monitoring for up to 12 months via a subscription to Equifax Protect.

Murray believes it would beryllium due for Optus to carnivore the further costs customers are facing, particularly the 10,000 whose information was released this morning, due to the fact that those individuals bash not person a prime but to alteration individuality documents.

“Anything Optus tin bash to assistance them I deliberation is due fixed that eventual work for this breach rests with Optus and with those who carried retired the breach,” Murray said.

However, Murray said close present the onus was “very overmuch connected individuals … to negociate their ain information and to mitigate the impacts of this breach.”

The authorities of privateness regularisation successful Australia means companies are “just not that liable astatine the infinitesimal for these kinds of breaches”, Murray said.

“We don’t person a beardown civilization yet successful this state of companies who are breached, assisting individuals to respond to them.”.

Ben Zocco, a people actions elder subordinate astatine instrumentality steadfast Slater and Gordon, said the connection of recognition monitoring for those astir affected was a Band-Aid solution.

“It does not code the continuing hazard that lawsuit information whitethorn beryllium utilized by atrocious actors for individuality theft oregon contacting susceptible members of the community, specified arsenic home unit survivors, victims of stalking and different threatening behaviour, oregon asylum seekers.

“We are continuing to analyse disposable ineligible options for affected customers.”

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