Printable Fix for Time Card Clock Has Owner Seeing Red Again

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When [Morley Kert] laid eyes connected a moving clip card-punching clock, helium knew helium had to person it for a still-secret upcoming project. The timepiece seemed to enactment fine, but that aft a twelve oregon truthful trial punches, the ink was rapidly fading distant into illegibility. After a little teardown and inspection, [Morley] determined that the ribbon simply wasn’t advancing arsenic it should.

This timepiece uses a ribbon cassette akin to a modern typewriter, but that alternatively of a provender spool and a take-up spool, it has a abbreviated magnitude of ribbon that goes astir and around, getting re-inked erstwhile per revolution.

When a paper is inserted, a fig of things happen: a caller spread is punched connected the near side, and an limb pushes the paper against the ribbon, which is successful crook pushed against the mechanical digit dials of the timepiece to stamp the card.

Finally, the ribbon gets advanced. Or it’s expected to, anyway. [Morley] could easy spot the shadiness of a portion that was nary longer there, a circular portion with teeth with a protrusion connected some faces for engaging some the clip timepiece itself and the ribbon cassette. A elemental small gear.

After emailing the company, it turns retired they privation $95 + taxation to regenerate the part. [Morley] conscionable laughed and fired up Fusion 360, having lone caliper measurements and 3 seconds of a teardown video showing the missing portion to spell on. But helium pulled it off, and beauteous quickly, too. Version 1 had its problems, but 2.0 was a cleanable fit, and the timepiece is punching evenly again. Be definite to cheque it retired aft the break.

Okay, truthful possibly you don’t person a clip paper timepiece to fix. But surely you’ve had to propulsion retired an different perfectly bully overgarment due to the fact that the zipper broke?

Thanks for the tip, [Zane]!

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