Read it right! How to spot scams on Reddit

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As the world’s 18th astir visited website and 7th astir frequented societal network, it’s nary astonishment that Reddit besides holds large allure for cybercriminals. Besides an endless fig of morganatic subreddits, cute alien pictures arsenic good arsenic yearly April Fool’s time events, Redditors whitethorn besides brushwood assorted kinds of fakery connected the site, including scams that are aft their information and money.

In this blogpost, we’ll look astatine a fewer communal types of fraud that you should look retired for erstwhile utilizing a level that until precocious billed itself arsenic “the beforehand leafage of the Internet”.


Phishing is mostly 1 of the astir prevalent types of cyberattacks. Typically, it takes the signifier of an email oregon substance connection that poses arsenic a morganatic petition for your login credentials, recognition paper accusation oregon different idiosyncratic data.

On Reddit, this benignant of scam is dispersed mostly via backstage messages that forum moderators cannot read, which unsocial makes it easier for criminals to instrumentality victims into clicking connected dubious links and giving up their login credentials oregon downloading malware onto their devices.

In immoderate phishing attacks, scammers nonstop a immense fig of messages that are often connected to existent events and abuse, for example, assemblage activism, specified arsenic erstwhile Reddit users who mean to stitchery for a protestation whitethorn abruptly person a fake nexus for the event. 

To recognize phishing, work the full connection carefully, look for grammar mistakes, cheque the sender, and wage attraction to links and unexpected attachments. If the domain seems morganatic but thing astir it feels off, you are astir apt the people of a phishing campaign. 

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This targeted and much blase mentation of phishing relies connected messages that are specially tailored for 1 idiosyncratic oregon a radical of people, specified arsenic employees of a company. Active Redditors who uncover excessively overmuch astir their lives successful subreddits oregon adjacent connected different sites whitethorn beryllium peculiarly susceptible to this attack. 

On a broadside note, a Reddit worker besides fell for a targeted phishing scam successful February 2023, which led to a information breach that fto the attackers entree worker data. The attackers had sent fake firm messages to Reddit employees that pointed them to a phishing website resembling Reddit’s intranet gateway. The worker unwittingly gave distant his login credentials, which allowed the scammers to summation entree to the site’s interior documents, code, dashboards and concern systems.

Fake subreddits

Reddit’s halfway diagnostic is its quality to fto radical make their ain treatment spaces known arsenic "subreddits", which are past overseen by moderators who marque definite that users travel the rules.

This yet creates an situation wherever these treatment boards summation idiosyncratic trust. However, scammers ever look for ways to exploit this trust, utilizing bots that spawn caller subreddits wherever fundamentally everything is fake – moderators, subredditors and posts lifted from morganatic sources. The fake subreddits often unreal to beryllium crypto trading forums, with their moderators impersonating morganatic traders.

Charity scams

Some Reddit forums are dedicated to charitable causes. Unfortunately, they whitethorn besides go breeding grounds for scams arsenic the subreddits pull fraudsters who airs arsenic morganatic foundation services and prey connected the empathy of kind-hearted people.

For example, scammers person been spotted to maltreatment the r/Assistance subreddit, wherever radical question oregon petition assistance successful assorted beingness situations. In April 2020, its admins warned astir scammers utilizing fake profiles with CashApp tags opening with $SuperGo**** oregon $Falco****** that impersonated morganatic assistance for transferring wealth to radical successful need. However, a fig of well-intentioned unknowingly sent wealth to the fraudsters.

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“When giving, if you person a PM from idiosyncratic you judge you person been speaking with connected an r/Assistance post—be definite to click done to their illustration and verify that you’re messaging with the close idiosyncratic earlier you nonstop immoderate assistance,” r/Assistance moderators wrote successful a cautionary connection successful effect to the ploy. 

reddit-scams-article Charity scam alert (Source: Reddit)

Scamming radical successful need

In fact, immoderate scams besides impact fraudsters trying to bargain wealth adjacent from radical who don’t person overmuch of it and are asking for help. 

“This scammer makes and uses random, low-karma accounts that person precise little, oregon nary activity. They scope retired privately to struggling users who person precocious made requests and committedness help, inquire users for their banking information, oregon connection a cheque that yet volition beryllium returned—leaving the requester’s relationship successful the negative,” reads a station successful the r/Assistance subreddit.

One of the targets described the onslaught arsenic an contiguous effect to her Reddit post. “Gosh, these scammers enactment fast! I posted thing connected the epilepsy subreddit astir my mounting aesculapian bills and moments aboriginal got a PM from wilstonb offering maine a enactment from location job. ‘I tin beryllium of assistance financially with your debts’,” she wrote

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Reddit is besides fashionable among the cryptocurrency community, catering to radical who travel the latest trends successful the crypto arena and question proposal connected trading crypto. 

However, these Redditors often dependable their frustrations astir messages that committedness to treble their investments oregon beforehand caller currencies that warrant unrealistically precocious profits. Those messages often travel from organized groups that person obtained a immense magnitude of “shitcoins”, i.e. cryptocurrencies of debased value, and effort to merchantability them astatine inflated prices utilizing online selling campaigns. These “shills” often invade immoderate fashionable cryptocurrency subreddit and annoy users.  

To shield yourself from these scams, instrumentality to a straightforward principle: Question thing that seems excessively bully to beryllium true. If idiosyncratic offers you extravagant profits oregon refunds for your losses, study them to the forum’s admins.

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Now connected to 2 antithetic kinds of fakery.

Spam and upvoting rings

Spamming is simply a superior contented connected Reddit, 1 that is exacerbated by well-organized groups that maltreatment the site’s voting system, make fabricated and perchance harmful contented and past beforehand it connected Reddit with the assistance of fake accounts. They beforehand clickbait articles with attention-grabbing headlines, but what you onshore connected alternatively is poorly written contented and loads of adverts. Despite lacking immoderate substance, these articles amass plentifulness of upvotes and affirmative comments, which pushes them to apical positions of the subreddit’s beforehand page.

There’s a thriving marketplace for Reddit upvotes, with prices ranging from $20 to $50 per 1,000 votes. If you travel crossed a promoted nonfiction with an associated nexus that some look suspicious, don’t click connected it – study it to the subreddit’s admins instead.

Karma farming

Reddit relies connected a karma strategy to separate betwixt genuine and fraudulent accounts, but scammers person learned however to bypass it. They acceptable up accounts transcript and paste older morganatic contented from Reddit, boosting their ain karma people and posing arsenic morganatic users.

In its Transparency Report 2022, Reddit revealed that admins and moderators removed 4% of contented posted connected the tract successful 2022. An overwhelming 80% of these removals were attributed to spam, peculiarly karma farming.

The emergence of AI-driven chatbots precocious past twelvemonth made the concern adjacent much difficult. In December 2022, the moderators of the fashionable r/AskHistorians subreddit noticed posts that they were intelligibly generated with the assistance of AI, Vice reported

Identifying that the bot’s spammy answers were produced with ChatGPT wasn’t the occupation – it was “that they were coming successful truthful accelerated and truthful quick,” Sarah Gilbert, 1 of the forum’s moderators and a postdoctoral subordinate astatine Cornell University told Vice.  

At the tallness of the attack, the forum was banning 75 accounts per day, implicit the people of 3 days. Before the fake accounts were unopen down, they managed to dispersed ads for immoderate video game. 


In today's integer age, scams person recovered their mode into assorted corners of the internet, including fashionable platforms specified arsenic Reddit and different societal media sites. Maintain your vigilance portion utilizing the site, beware of unsolicited messages and links, question thing that sounds excessively bully to beryllium true, and ne'er overshare your idiosyncratic information.

Regularly amended yourself astir the latest schemes and enactment updated connected cybersecurity champion practices. Knowledge is your strongest defence against scams. By remaining vigilant and cautious, you tin bask what Reddit and different societal media platforms person to connection portion safeguarding yourself from fraud.

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