Redditors share their thoughts on buying Bitcoin at all-time highs

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General statement seems to beryllium that it's been each downhill some earlier and aft Bitcoin's caller 13th birthday.

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Redditors stock  their thoughts connected  buying Bitcoin astatine  all-time highs

Many crypto enthusiasts turned to societal media connected Friday to dependable their frustrations with the authorities of the crypto market. One Reddit idiosyncratic named imyourkingg allegedly invested 30% of his nett worthy into Bitcoin (BTC) a fewer months ago, saying:

"I don't request this wealth for the adjacent 5 to 10 years, but I person to admit sometimes I get truthful acrophobic of Bitcoin's future; I mean it crashes oregon ne'er scope $100k, $200k arsenic the predictions for 2025+ says oregon astatine slightest $55k again lol, and I suffer that money, particularly erstwhile each of my friends, my ma and household telephone maine brainsick for investing connected it."

Crypto's decentralized quality means determination are nary circuit breakers equivalent to the ones that beryllium connected accepted banal exchanges. The resulting bull/bear cycles tin beryllium extreme, and hard for the uninitiated to go accustomed to. Another Reddit idiosyncratic took the podium with a station titled "$60k and panicked:

Ok, truthful I was precise caller to crypto and a unfortunate of thanksgiving dinner, but I request assistance should I merchantability oregon hold. Guys, I'll HODL [Hold connected for Dear Life], but I can't spend to bargain a batch much rn.

Bitcoin's terms has had disappointing commencement successful 2022, with the integer currency falling 11.4% successful the past 24 hours, and 44.7% from its all-time highs of astir $68,000 successful Nov. 2021. Early BTC investors whitethorn already beryllium sitting connected comparative fortunes, making them much susceptible of weathering done these downfalls. The aforesaid cannot beryllium said for investors who had lone precocious entered the game, however. According to a study by Huobi Group, 70% of existent crypto holders successful the U.S. started investing successful crypto successful 2021.

Why dont it conscionable spell to zero directly..Im bushed of buying caller dip#BitcoinCrash #cryptocrash

— Gurudas (@GurudasShinde) January 21, 2022

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