Remoticon 2021 // Jay Bowles Dips Into The Plasmaverse

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Every hacker retired determination is acquainted with the zaps and sizzles of the Tesla coil, oregon the clang and thunder of lighting strikes connected our hallowed Earth. These phenomena each impact the physics of plasma, a taxable adjacent and beloved to [Jay Bowles’s] heart. Thus, helium graced Remoticon 2021 with a enlightening speech taking america connected a Dip Into The Plasmaverse.

[Jay]’s passionateness for the taxable is obvious, having fallen successful emotion with precocious voltage physics arsenic a teenager. He appreciated however tangible the subject was, whether it’s the glow of neon lighting oregon the heating magic of the communal microwave. His speech covers the experiments and subject that he’s studied implicit the past 17 years and successful the people of moving his Plasma Channel YouTube channel.


The speech serves arsenic a large dive into the satellite of HV experimentation, with [Jay] featuring 3 exotic applications of precocious voltage science.

The archetypal objection is of quality electrostatic levitation. This requires a precise precocious static voltage of -60,000 V applied to the assemblage via a Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier, portion [Jay] is isolated from the crushed connected a stool. [Jay] reminds the assemblage that precocious voltage itself is not by itself lethal to the body, highlighting the relation existent has to play. A bottommost sheet is past used, acceptable astatine crushed imaginable to alteration the effect.

With the voltage applied, a lightweight foil “boat” volition levitate supra the sheet and beneath [Jay]’s hand. It’s a quasistable system, and a hard happening to maintain, but the experimentation works and the aluminium foil floats successful the air. [Jay] past goes done the subject down it all, discussing the complaint relationships and the different carnal effects astatine play. The item is key, which explains not conscionable however the foil floats, but however it remains successful spot without shooting disconnected successful 1 direction.

It lone gets much exotic, with [Jay] repurposing the voltage multiplier and stool to crook a occurrence electrostatically. This is imaginable arsenic occurrence contains galore affirmative and antagonistic ions which tin beryllium influenced by electrical fields. It’s an effect that [Jay] discovered by accident, having near a burning candle adjacent a high-voltage multiplier, and noticed the occurrence bending towards the precocious voltage source.

High voltages tin virtually divided a occurrence successful two.

With his assemblage charged to precocious voltage erstwhile more, [Jay] is capable to “pull” the occurrence towards his near oregon close hand, with the demo proving hard arsenic helium doubly pulled the occurrence wholly disconnected the wick, extinguishing the candle. It’s a unsafe experimentation successful immoderate ways too, arsenic it involves virtually attracting occurrence towards the body. In more controlled conditions, [Jay] has been capable to execute immoderate awesome feats with this trick, bending and tugging ample flames to his will, adjacent “splitting” a candle occurrence successful 2 directions.

The past objection involves a instrumentality called an atmospheric corona motor. Rather than the “high” existent utilized by magnetic motors, it relies connected precocious voltage instead, moving astatine highly debased currents. The plan relies connected electrostatic charges to crook a rotor alternatively than electromagnetic fields, and [Jay] explains however it each works and compares it to the cognition of a accepted gravity-driven waterwheel. He besides points retired however the centrifugal tin beryllium driven by static energy extracted from the ambiance itself, with the assistance of a balloon oregon drone to transportation a ligament precocious into the air.

Overall, the speech serves arsenic a fantastic dip into the plasmaverse, conscionable arsenic the rubric promises. [Jay]’s demonstrations and explanations are a large primer to get immoderate hacker reasoning astir the possibilities of moving with precocious voltage plasma science. All that’s near is to get experimenting connected your own!

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