Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Won’t Invest in Dogecoin, Says ‘I Don’t Understand Why Anybody Would’

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Won't Invest successful  Dogecoin, Says 'I Don’t Understand Why Anybody Would'

Shark Tank prima Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, says helium does not see dogecoin an investment. “I don’t enactment successful that benignant of thing. I don’t recognize wherefore anybody would,” helium said.

Kevin O’Leary Won’t Invest successful Dogecoin

Shark Tank prima Kevin O’Leary talked astir the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin successful an interrogation with CNBC past week. The president of O’Shares ETFs said:

I don’t enactment successful that benignant of thing. I don’t recognize wherefore anybody would, but that’s their ain choice.

He explained that investing successful dogecoin is similar gambling successful Las Vegas, noting that helium mightiness not adjacent telephone it “investing” astatine all.

The Shark Tank prima explained that erstwhile idiosyncratic invests successful a stock, they are betting connected the company’s quality to execute its concern program and execute its goals. In contrast, helium said that determination is nary informed determination making with dogecoin arsenic buyers are simply hoping that the terms of the cryptocurrency volition increase. In addition, dogecoin has an unlimited supply, dissimilar bitcoin.

O’Leary suggested: “Maybe you should see it amusement due to the fact that there’s nary inherent worth successful it different than what different radical privation to bash arsenic they speculate.” He elaborated:

When you speculate connected thing similar dogecoin, that’s nary antithetic than going to Las Vegas and putting your wealth connected reddish oregon black. It’s axenic speculation.

Do you hold with Kevin O’Leary astir dogecoin? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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