South Korean Authorities Take Aim at Unregulated Crypto OTC Desks Amid Money Laundering Concerns

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South Korean Authorities Take Aim astatine  Unregulated Crypto OTC Desks Amid Money Laundering Concerns

South Korean prosecutors and regulators are directing their attraction toward reported issues concerning unregulated cryptocurrency-based over-the-counter (OTC) trading and deposit enterprises. During the 3rd yearly prosecutors’ conference, officials projected the necessity for enhanced regularisation successful the crypto sphere, citing concerns that these enterprises facilitate wealth laundering and fraud. The Korea Customs Service estimates that unlawful cryptocurrency exchanges totaling 5.6 trillion won ($4 billion) transpired successful 2022.

Unregulated Crypto OTC Firms successful South Korea Draw Regulatory Focus

South Korean authorities are mounting their absorption connected the crypto OTC market, according to a determination report published connected Sunday. Essentially, over-the-counter (OTC) trading involves the nonstop buying and selling of assets, specified arsenic stocks, bonds, oregon cryptocurrencies, betwixt 2 parties alternatively than connected a ceremonial exchange. OTC trades hap off-exchange and bash not entail the aforesaid disclosure requirements arsenic assets traded connected exchanges.

“Illegal virtual currency OTC companies person overseas corporations and are engaged successful the concern of converting illegally obtained virtual currency into Korean won oregon overseas currency,” the study notes. “There is simply a request to modulate these companies arsenic undeclared virtual plus trading businesses.”

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ki No-Seong and Park Min-woo of the Financial Services Commission emphasized the necessity for regulatory attraction connected the unregulated OTC marketplace wrong the realm of integer currencies. The study highlights that, portion the salient South Korean speech Upbit lists 192 cryptocurrencies, 1 OTC endeavor offers much than 700 cryptocurrency varieties. The report’s writer contends that OTC firms relation arsenic a benignant of “black market.”

The study delves into the activities of 3 individuals who were apprehended portion utilizing OTC enterprises and acquired 94 cardinal won ($78.96 million) worthy of cryptocurrency. According to the report, these trades were executed “at the petition of Libyans and subsequently sent to Korea for conversion into cash.” The writer of the study firmly asserts that South Korea lacks circumstantial regulatory measures tailored to oversee the OTC sector.

Local Daily newsman Gong Byeong-seon reveals that, currently, home virtual plus businesses are barred from participating successful virtual currency transactions done OTC firms successful accordance with Article 10 of the Specific Financial Information Act. It is important to note, however, that mean investors tin lone look penalties for unlawful overseas speech transactions if they interruption the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act.

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