SOVA Android Banking Trojan Returns With New Capabilities and Targets

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SOVA Android Banking Trojan

The SOVA Android banking trojan is continuing to beryllium actively developed with upgraded capabilities to people nary little than 200 mobile applications, including banking apps and crypto exchanges and wallets, up from 90 apps erstwhile it started out.

That's according to the latest findings from Italian cybersecurity steadfast Cleafy, which recovered newer versions of the malware sporting functionality to intercept two-factor authentication (2FA) codes, bargain cookies, and grow its targeting to screen Australia, Brazil, China, India, the Philippines, and the U.K.

SOVA, meaning Owl successful Russian, came to airy successful September 2021 erstwhile it was observed striking fiscal and buying apps from the U.S. and Spain for harvesting credentials done overlay attacks by taking vantage of Android's Accessibility services.


In little than a year, the trojan has besides acted arsenic a instauration for different Android malware called MaliBot that's designed to people online banking and cryptocurrency wallet customers successful Spain and Italy.

The latest variant of SOVA, dubbed v4 by Cleafy, conceals itself wrong fake applications that diagnostic logos of morganatic apps similar Amazon and Google Chrome to deceive users into installing them. Other notable improvements see capturing screenshots and signaling the instrumentality screens.

SOVA Android Banking Trojan

"These features, combined with Accessibility services, alteration [threat actors] to execute gestures and, consequently, fraudulent activities from the infected device, arsenic we person already seen successful different Android Banking Trojans (e.g. Oscorp oregon BRATA)," Cleafy researchers Francesco Iubatti and Federico Valentini said.

SOVA v4 is besides notable for its effort to stitchery delicate accusation from Binance and Trust Wallet, specified arsenic relationship balances and effect phrases. What's more, each the 13 Russian and Ukraine-based banking apps that were targeted by the malware person since been removed from the version.


To marque matters worse, the update enables the malware to leverage its wide-ranging permissions to deflect uninstallation attempts by redirecting the unfortunate to the location surface and displaying the toast message "This app is secured."

The banking trojan, feature-rich arsenic it is, is besides expected to incorporated a ransomware constituent successful the adjacent iteration, which is presently nether improvement and aims to encrypt each files stored successful the infected instrumentality utilizing AES and rename them with the hold ".enc."

The enhancement is besides apt to marque SOVA a formidable menace successful the mobile menace landscape.

"The ransomware diagnostic is rather absorbing arsenic it's inactive not a communal 1 successful the Android banking trojans landscape," the researchers said. "It powerfully leverages connected the accidental that has arisen successful caller years, arsenic mobile devices became for astir radical the cardinal retention for idiosyncratic and concern data."

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