The Ledger Solution Is Your Secure Gateway to All Crypto Services

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The Ledger Solution Is Your Secure Gateway to All Crypto Services


Everyone already knows that a hardware wallet is captious to support your integer assets, but did you cognize that Ledger offers overmuch much than that? By combining the hardware wallet with the Ledger Live app you tin buy, sell, lend, swap and involvement aggregate cryptocurrencies – each successful 1 place.

Access the Full Ledger Solution

If you are an experienced crypto idiosyncratic you astir apt already cognize that a Ledger hardware wallet is the champion solution to support and own your backstage keys. In fact, you astir apt already ain a Ledger hardware wallet arsenic the institution sold implicit 2 cardinal hardware wallets successful much than 165 countries since 2014. What you mightiness not already cognize is that Ledger besides offers a solution to accessing each your different crypto needs.

To entree the afloat solution each you request is simply a hardware wallet combined with the Ledger Live app. This is casual and requires nary further concern arsenic each Ledger hardware wallets travel with app. The app allows you to instal crypto applications connected your hardware wallet and to entree different services. And the hardware wallet securely stores your backstage keys for each crypto you ain and authenticates each transactions initiated successful the app – this makes everything unafraid done 1 azygous solution.

In summation to having the champion information this way, it’s besides precise convenient. You don’t request to beryllium connected aggregate platforms anymore. For example, nary request to bargain and negociate your crypto connected an exchange, past transportation them connected a hardware wallet to unafraid it. When you bargain done the Ledger app, your coins are instantly sent to the information of your hardware wallet.

One Key for a Whole World of Uses

The Ledger Live app is disposable for mobile devices and desktop computers. As 1 would expect, combining it with a hardware wallet allows you to negociate the much than 1800 supported integer assets, cheque your balances and portfolios arsenic good arsenic nonstop and person crypto transactions. But you tin besides entree straight galore services that immoderate mightiness beryllium mistaken to deliberation are lone disposable connected crypto exchanges oregon DeFi platforms.

With Ledger you tin buy respective apical cryptos and wage utilizing your Payment Card oregon a Bank Transfer. Made via a Coinify integration, the transaction is elemental and erstwhile received you volition beryllium successful complaint of your ain crypto done the information of your Ledger hardware wallet. You tin besides merchantability bitcoin the aforesaid way.

You tin swap much than 50 antithetic crypto assets straight for 1 different with the Ledger app. This is done via a Changelly integration and allows you to speech 1 integer plus for different with nary fiat currencies involved.

The Ledger app allows you to lend tether, USDC and DAI done Compound Protocol. This could let you to make involvement connected your crypto assets portion your cTokens are secured by your hardware wallet which means nary 1 tin assertion your assets portion lending them.

You tin besides stake via the Ledger app, earning output from holding Tezos, Tron, Cosmos, Algorand and Polkadot. This means you tin person rewards portion holding your tokens unafraid connected your Ledger hardware wallet.

To entree each these features and much link your Ledger hardware wallet to the Ledger Live app close now!

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