Translating and Broadcasting Spoken Morse Code

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When the archetypal radios and telegraph lines were enactment into service, fundamentally the lone mode to pass was to usage Morse code. The archetypal transmitters had highly inefficient designs by today’s standards, truthful this was much a applicable regulation than a choice. As the exertion evolved determination became little and little crushed to usage Morse to communicate, but plentifulness of amateur vigor operators inactive usage this mode including [Kevin] aka [KB9RLW] who has built a circuit which tin construe spoken Morse codification into a broadcasted Morse vigor signal.

The circuit works by feeding the awesome from a microphone into an Arduino. The Arduino listens for a definite threshold and keys the vigor erstwhile it detects a connection being spoken. Radio operators usage the words “dit” and “dah” for dots and dashes respectively, and the Arduino isn’t truly translating the words truthful overmuch arsenic it is sending a awesome for the duration of nevertheless agelong each connection takes to say. The bundle for the Arduino is provided connected the project’s GitHub page arsenic well, and uses a fig of approaches to marque definite the keyed awesome is arsenic cleanable arsenic possible.

[Kevin] mentions that this instrumentality could beryllium utilized by anyone who wishes to run a vigor successful this mode who mightiness person trouble utilizing a accepted Morse cardinal and who doesn’t privation to retrain their encephalon to usage different disposable instrumentality similar a puff straw oregon a ft key. The circuit is remarkably straightforward for what it does, and successful the video beneath it seems [Kevin] is having a blast utilizing it. If you’re inactive looking to larn to “speak” Morse code, though, take a look astatine this usher which goes into item astir it.

Thanks to [Dragan] for the tip!

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