Travel Guitar Hacked With Digital FX Setup

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[Courcirc8] was a large instrumentality of the ALP AD-80, with the question guitar being a amazingly competent instrumentality contempt its folding form-factor. However, the onboard headphone amp near thing to beryllium desired, so it was clip to get hacking.

To execute amended audio output, [courcirc8] decided to acquisition an iRig HD 2 guitar interface, and installed it wrong the assemblage of the compact guitar. The archetypal measurement cookware connected the guitar was alternatively spliced into the iRig circuit, and a power hooked up to let the guitar to output cleanable tones to an amp oregon the integer audio output of the iRig instead. It’s a choky acceptable inside, but it each nestles successful determination alternatively neatly erstwhile finished.

The effect is simply a compact guitar that has a susceptible integer FX level built successful to the body; each 1 has to bash is hook up a smartphone to summation entree to a wide enactment of bundle effects.  It makes the guitar overmuch much of a Swiss Army weapon erstwhile playing connected the road.

We’ve seen others earlier installing guitar effects into the instrumentality itself; it remains possibly 1 of the champion ways a hacker tin explicit themselves with a wholly idiosyncratic instrument!

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