White House science office calls for comments on its digital asset research agenda

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The office's petition for accusation is the latest portion successful the monolithic probe docket successful President Biden’s enforcement bid connected integer plus development.

White House subject   bureau   calls for comments connected  its integer  plus  probe   agenda

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The medication of United States President Joe Biden is continuing to elaborate its National Digital Assets Research and Development Agenda. In a petition for accusation (RFI) dated Jan. 26 and previewed by the Federal Register, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) invites comments to assistance it place docket priorities. Individuals and organizations whitethorn taxable comments of nary much than 10 pages successful magnitude by March 23. 

The White House announced the instauration of the docket successful September among the ample fig of adjacent steps after its unveiling of the “first-ever” Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets. As such, the caller docket is portion of the spate of crypto-related research enactment initiated by the president’s Executive Order (EO) connected Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets issued successful March.

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The RFI said the docket sought to “shape a whole-of-government effort” to make integer assets and distributed ledger technology. It was besides described arsenic a means to “continue to enactment probe that translates technological breakthroughs into market-ready products” and “kickstart cardinal research.” It stated:

“Research and improvement (R&D) successful this abstraction has often been conducted successful a fragmented manner, with constricted information for the broader implications, applications, and downside risks for the underlying innovations. […] A much broad R&D attack would supply factual areas of absorption towards achieving a holistic imaginativeness of a integer assets ecosystem that embodies antiauthoritarian values and different cardinal priorities.”

A blockchain specializer presumption was added to the OSTP with the transition of the Chips and Science Act successful August. The bureau has examined and reported connected the effects of integer assets connected the situation arsenic portion of its EO mandate and prepared a survey of cardinal slope integer currency plan options arsenic portion of the ongoing and truthful acold inconclusive information of a U.S. integer dollar.

1/ A fewer points of discourse connected the caller White House Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets that was released this morning. (I'll stock much later...) Policymaking is simply a process. It's complicated, slow, hard work. But it matters. And it's moving.

— Tomicah Tillemann (@TomicahTD) September 16, 2022

Reaction to Biden’s comprehensive model ranged from tepid praise to outright disappointment.

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